Sync 3.4 Turn off display brightness control

In Sync 3.0 there was a version with the option of switching off the automatic brightness control of the Sync, so that when the light was on the Sync also went dark, no matter how bright it was outside, and naturally bright when the light was off. This function is not available in Sync 3.4 more in it, will it happen again? Or did I even overlook it?

The background is that if you have the light on during the day, it constantly switches the display light and dark due to different brightness levels (trees, bridges, etc.). That’s annoying

The day / night switch is possible, which then affects a permanent setting, regardless of whether the light is on or off

Thank you

Sadly, it’s not overlooked, so do not expect Ford to bring it back.
Auto brightness toggle was present until 3.4.19101 then removed, so you could downgrade to that version to get it back.

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Thank you. Too bad it’s not there anymore. Do I have to think about going back to the version.

I will tell you that one is one of the reasons as to why I’m still running 3.0.
It all depends on how much does it annoy you, really.

If you go back to an older 3.4 version, you can keep maps and everything as you currently have since you just need to install APPS, so it’s not a big deal really.
And if you have 2nd thoughts about downgrading, you can jump forward again by just reinstalling the latest APPS package.

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