Sync 3.4 update error red screen

What is your SYNC Region? NA

What is your current SYNC Version? 2.2

Do you have Navigation? yes

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
error in 4U5T-14G421-CGD_1615428721000.TAR.GZ

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below

Please describe in detail your issue below
I followed all of the steps listed on the tutorial/documentation up to inserting the usb. About 8 minutes in the screen turned red with the above listed error code

Are you sure the unit had navigation from factory? Usually an 8 minute error is because you are trying to fit maps in a non-nav unit…

you know that might be my issue lol, i always have my phone plugged in and using maps through android auto so i just assumed it had nav

Well, if you have to connect a phone to get nav, then the APIM itself does not have nav…

Yep, that’s your issue. Recreate the USB, but without nav this time, and you should be ok.

It failed you because a non nav APIM is smaller in size than a nav one and maps do not fit.


awesome thank you for helping, new usb file is downloading already :sweat_smile:

Everything works as it should, thanks again!

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