Sync 3.4 update with Nav F150 Lariat 2017 Ambient Lighting

No add ons
Some adjustments were done to other modules through FORScan
But I have reverted them back to as built and rebooted them

Yes there were adjustments made on other modules through FORScan before
I reverted them all back to as built and rebooted them before the downgrade.
I would mention I have a Bullydog tuner but I had restored to stock before any other adjustments and updates were made.

These need to be all ‘0’. Your vehicle does not support these features.
Which brings up the question: Why are these set with these values? Did you use another asbuilt when you upgraded to Sync 3.4?

This is called Entry Lighting, it is not the same as Ambient Lighting.

Shows AL is enabled in the APIM.

In the BCM, what is this value?
726-31-01 xxx* xxxx xxxx Ambient Lighting Cfg

On the APIM AB I don’t have the 7DO-08-01 or -02
The character in the BCM 726-31-01. Is 2

Sorry for the delay
I had my truck in the dealer for the day. After all there testing they are going to be replacing the APIM & BCM
They both have corrupted files and they could not repair them.
I will up date all once the repairs are complete

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Hello all,
Just change to 3.4 on 2017 expedition. And got similar issue.
Not ambiant anymore exexpt when I get the key out, then the knobs/buttons backlight lit until I open the door and few seconds has pass. Nothing else.
Is there any new theory about this?

Just following up. The dealer and ford engineers still having issues with trying to program the new modules. Still no ambient lighting nor will FordPass work
Will continue to update everyone