Sync 3.4 Upgrade 2017 F-150 Lariat Questions

Anybody done this update on a 2017 f150 lariat?

Sounds like if you’re at 3.4.21198 like I am, there’s no real reason to do this update in our trucks (I have a '15 F-150 that I upgraded from Sync 2 to Sync 3.) I did do the update today on my '15 Mustang GT and had an odd result: Sync still shows version 3.4.21198 and not 3.4.21265, although the System Update shows that it completed successfully. I’ll try to run the Interrogator USB and see what it reports. I did the update on the Mustang (also Sync 2 to Sync 3 swapped) because the Interrogator USB didn’t work prior, so I figured an update might change something.

Did you perform a Master Reset after the updates? It is highly recommended.

How does this update work with ford pass? Anyone know ?

Updating the Sync App does not affect FordPass functionality. Performing a Master Reset will require re-authorizing the vehicle thru the FordPass app, but that is usually not an issue.

Do you have FordPass on a 2017 F-150 Lariat?

Yes I do, really wanna do this update but don’t wanna loose any current features(heated steering wheel, ford pass) is a master reset required after the update?

What version of Sync are you currently at? Is the FordPass feature original equipment with the truck, or did you add it?

I don’t have my truck with me currently, getting an axel leak fixed, but I know for sure it’s 3.0 at the least, and the FordPass app was equipped with the vehicle, just had to dl app on iOS and set up

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Upgrading Sync 3.0 to 3.4 won’t be a big deal for the APIM or vehicle, except for FordPass. If you update to Sync 3.4, you will need to re-authorize the FordPass modem (TCU), probably will need to use FORScan to reset the modem and start the re-authorization process, as updating to 3.4 from 3.0 will unpair the TCU modem with Sync. However, it can easily be done, but you will need FORScan and an OBD2 adapter. (And a Windows 10 laptop.) (I have a fully functioning FordPass TCU in my 2015 F-150 Platinum, retrofit.)

Ok never used forscan before, was actually looking into it recently, is there anywhere that kinda gives you a step by step on how to do that reprogramming? Quite new to all of this and worry sometimes about doing more harm then good lol. Current sync version that ford website says is out for my truck is SYNC3 v3.0.20204

I did, and it still shows the prior version. Now, auto update was enabled, though I don’t think it would’ve reverted that quickly. I’m going to freshly prepare the USB and try again with that option deliberately disabled.

Autoupdate is not applicable to a Sync 3 retrofitted vehicle. It does not work as the VIN and ESN are not associated.

That would be the latest for your vehicle. That would work fine with the FordPass app…

FORScan Tutorial Links - FORScan - Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

I’ll split this off to another thread to keep the original thread uncluttered.

Right there’s no real change on that update to what I have, mainly bug fixes I think. So will probably do the 3.4 update once I have vehicle back just need to figure out how to do do apim reprogram, also is gracenotes included in the 3.4 update or is it separate?

You’re right. I recall that now. I’m updating again, apps only (no voice, no gracenotes) to see if it takes. the interrogator works on my '15 F150’s 2019 APIM w/nav, but I’m not sure the origin of the APIM I swapped into my Mustang. Not sure if it has nav, even though the Sync 2 that came out of it had nav. I’m a Carplay user so it didn’t matter too much.

That is a separate file.

FORScan is free, the adapter is about $50 US for a good one.

Ok and it’s done through cynlabs as well or forscan?

The Sync 3 aps are CyanLabs, FORScan for module asbuilt programming is downloaded from the link above. The adapter is Amazon, or thereabouts. I recommend the OBDLink EX USB type.

My second run at updating worked in the '15 Mustang. will probably run the update on my '15 F-150 too, so the OP shouldn’t worry too much about getting Sync 3.4 up to the latest version (to bring the thread back on topic!) Thanks for all the help.

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