Sync 3.4 USB bug

I live in Belgium and I have some problems with my Ford focus st-line 2021.

When I just bought my car I had no issues with the music on my USB. (sync3)

Now, I updated my sync to 3.4 and I notice that I have a bug?
So, sometimes when a song plays, it have a little hickup. When I rewind the song, the hickup is gone. This problem comes frequently. Is this a bug in the sync or is this something else?
What can I do to solve this?

Kind regards

This slight “hiccup” or glitching happens to me too. It’s happened on every version of 3.4 I’ve installed and it’s still present on 3.4.20351. Happens on USB and Bluetooth but not on the radio or Sirius XM.

Not quite sure if there is a fix. It’s just a bug with SYNC.

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Yeap, same here. It happens on the last 2 version of 3.4.20351 and .20281.

my car is on a modded version of 20196 or whatever it was so i definitely experience this issue :smiley: i’ve not actually used any newer in my car yet, only on my bench.

The slight “hiccup” happens to me as well, but maybe only once or twice per drive. My big issue is skipping tracks. I listen to music off my USB where I have entire albums stored in an artist/album layout. I’ll try to listen to an album and Sync decides it only wants to play every other track! Track 1 then 3 then 5. I notice a song has been skipped and I have to click back to get to the skipped track. It will play fine for a few songs then start skipping again. Its really strange. Seems to do it all the time with certain albums but not others. I’m on 3.4.20282.

If you ask me, since you are already facing the bug, I’d just update to the latest build.
If it does not fix it, at least you would be at the current build that Ford’s rolling out.
I’m sure the latest one is better than the one you have.

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Had my 2021 car in ford yesterday, using official version of 20351.
Still has this problem but according to ford the sync is operating normally so there’s nothing they can/will do about it.

Yeah, same here…
we will have to wait till next update, I guess…

I’m not sure if you already are or not but try using a USB3.0. I do get an occasional tiny blip but nowhere near as many as I did when I was using a USB 2 stick.

Yeah, I recently bought 2 usb 3.0 and the hiccup is still there.

OK, it was worth checking :+1:

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There’s been a new build found, maybe you all could update to it and see if this bug is still present.

I’ve just done mine today, I’ll monitor it and report back in a few days.

Best solution I’ve found is: official version of 3.4.20351, 16gb sandisk Cruzer 2.0 usb stick.
Doesn’t happen too often.
The new build still has this problem.

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