Sync 3.4

how can i add turkish language and turkey map.

Tell us about your vehicle and what you are doing…
It’s a 2017 Mustang imported to Turkey and it has the original APIM from the US still in it with US maps?

If so, maybe this topic will help…
Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

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My vehicle is 2017 model USA, I updated it to 3.4 but there is no Turkish language

as in the first photo

Follow the tutorial. You will need to change the region and install a cut down version of the maps with the proper voice packages.

NOTE: As stated in the tutorial, CyanLabs does not officially support region changes.

it downloads all my europe maps in cyanlabs app i just want to download the one for turkey how can i do

As said before, you need to install a cut down maps.
Check the documentation for farther details.

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