Sync 3 Apim difference

Hi people.
Can anyone share a light on the difference between this Apim´s??
4u5t-14g371-gde vs ku5t-14g371-gde

4u5t is from Focus and ku5t is from Fiesta. Both are 64gb Nav.
Are they sold for different market?

Different cars have different models

Yes i agree with that, but why bother in terms of production to do two identical Apim´s, if they are practical the same??
4U5T is from Panasonic and KU5T is from Flextronics i think. both produced in Europe.
Couldn´t just Focus and Fiesta use the same Apim?

There are many parts that are the same part with multiple part numbers for Ford vehicles, but in this instance i think you answered your own question, different manufacturers

I´m asking this, because i want to replace my old HS7T Apim, for a newer MY18.5 and the reason is to have a better radio and better support for newer Sync3 version releases.
What apim would you suggest for EU Nav, radio logos and dab?

It doesn’t really matter, all the 18.5 APIM’s are slightly better than older ones

Basically the same unit under different manufacturer. This unit will work well. However, this does not affect the radio performance, etc. You need to address the ACM for that.

Yes i know, i have already bought ACM with p/n: f1bt-18c815-vap, to replace my f1bt-18c815-ual. I was told that f1bt-18c815-va*, and f1bt-18c815-za* have dab, but the za* variant is for 10 speaker systems with sub. My focus has 9 speakers without sub, so i go to va*, is very hard to find this ACM.

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