Sync 3 APIM to Sync 4 APIM

Not sure if this has been done but I’ve swapped out my sync 3 APIM for a sync 4 APIM on my ford f-150. I’m currently in the process of programing the APIM and was wondering if there is a conversion of the asbuilt data going from the sync 3 apim to sync 4 apim.

Ordered a SYNC 4 APIM, lets see what happens once it arrives!

It’s not directly transferable but this thread has some useful info.

any idea why the sync3 database is giving an error?

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Hmm no idea why that page has stopped working, investigating

Should be fixed now, was just some weird cache issue with that page.

Cool thanks. Do you know if it is possible to covert the asbuilt data from to a format you can upload to to decode?

Can’t recall what format that is in so I’m not sure.


looks like this

<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-01"><CODE>5553</CODE><CODE>0103</CODE><CODE>F47A</CODE></DATA>
<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-02"><CODE>0202</CODE><CODE>9000</CODE><CODE>006F</CODE></DATA>
<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-03"><CODE>0005</CODE><CODE>E1</CODE><CODE /></DATA>

<DATA LABEL="7D0-03-01"><CODE>0000</CODE><CODE>0101</CODE><CODE>00DD</CODE></DATA>```
<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-01"><CODE>5553</CODE><CODE>0103</CODE><CODE>F47A</CODE></DATA>
<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-02"><CODE>0202</CODE><CODE>9000</CODE><CODE>006F</CODE></DATA>
<DATA LABEL="7D0-02-03"><CODE>0005</CODE><CODE>E1</CODE><CODE /></DATA>

<DATA LABEL="7D0-03-01"><CODE>0000</CODE><CODE>0101</CODE><CODE>00DD</CODE></DATA>

Ford uses the .ab file format, so the file for your vehicle that you downloaded from the Motorcraft site will be .ab. You can extract the APIM asbuilt info (7D0) from this file easily and convert it to .abt for FORScan. (UCDS uses the .ab file directly.) However, this is your factory (OEM) asbuilt information, so it will not contain ant FORScan edits you previously made for the APIM (because your vehicle is a 2017 F150).

Use this tool to parse the data for any module (as long as it is listed) from the FORD .ab file to a specific module .abt file. (19.7 KB)
Load the FORD .ab file and navigate to the desired module, save the data as needed. You can also compare the data between 2 files (.ab or .abt). You will notice the tool will sync across the screens for the modules. Differences are highlighted in red.

This tool will open and save 2021 and above .ab and .abt files. However, the Sync 3 and Sync 4 files are not compatible, so don’t load the old Sync 3 files into a Sync 4 unit.

See the Sync 3 and Sync 4 Databases for the current asbuilt information.
AsBuilt Databases - CyanLabs

There was some confusion between me and @F150Chief

That file format should work as is on the decoder, is it not working or did you not try it?

It doesn’t work. It gives me this error.

Invalid File
The file you have uploaded appears to be invalid or corrupt and has not been decoded!

If you are trying to upload a Interrogator Log File please use Syn3 Updater as the web decoder does not support this file

Please upload the file here

1FTEW1CG0HKC89884 (2).ab (39.3 KB)

Your .ab file is corrupted with an additional entry for the APIM. This had to be done manually, as this code does not exist in your APIM with the firmware installed:
DATA LABEL=“7D0-08-01”>


Anyways, here is the fixed copy and an APIM abt file.
1FTEW1CG0HKC89884.ab (39.3 KB)
1FTEW1CG0HKC89884_7D0_APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module (SYNC).abt (349 Bytes)

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I uploaded my abt file from fordscan but nothing appears highlighted green on the website indicating which values are present.
1FTEW1CG0HKC89884_7D0_APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module (SYNC).abt (349 Bytes)

It looks like the website updates might have affected the decoder function. You can decode it manually with the database listing.



Thanks for all the help. So I’ve successfully installed sync 4 apim in 2017 f150. I have a few minor issues i’m wondering if you have any suggestion on how to trouble shoot.

  1. Back up camera has a line at the bottom of the screen. Not there on sync 3 apim.
  2. Climate control on screen gives error, works on sync 3 apim.
  3. Presets all read Preset 1 but still work holding different stations.

If you haven’t read thru this thread there may be some answers in ther:
Ordered a SYNC 4 APIM, lets see what happens once it arrives! - Ford / Help & Support - CyanLabs Official Community

Here is the .abt file for the presets working:
APIM.ABT (757 Bytes)
WorkingPresetsVolume.xml (1.3 KB)

  1. No idea
  2. You can’t fix it
  3. You need to change something In the asbuilt it’s mentioned in that thread I believe:)

Also sync 4 is not worth it imo