Sync 3 half screen

Can anyone assist me plz I tried to update my sync with the ford update from the website and after I got this screen radio still works i can still connect my phone and hear music but I can’t see anything everything was working great before I did the update

Looks like you have installed a 4" package on a 8/10" unit.

that was correct i have a base mustang up swapped to the 8in screen everything was working fine till yesterday after i got an update from ford my current version was sync 3.420136 and the new one was 3.4.22251 right after the install was complete i turned the car back off and on the screen was like this

ive already the conversion in my car for over 2 years now and never had a problem

Are you able to do a master reset to see if the screen corrects itself and then check the updated details?
There seems to be a few issues for some with the 3.4.22251 update and I assume you did it through the Ford website? In saying that the half screen seems odd. :woozy_face:

There is now a further update just out showing on the Cyanlabs site 3.4.23088 maps 2.22 but possibly not on the Ford site as yet.

If you have no luck perhaps you could try doing the latest update through Cyanlabs.

Because Ford still thinks you have the 4" screen and gave you an update for the 4" screen.

Someone more familiar with this process can correct me if I’m wrong, but you should be able to generate a normal update USB through Syn3Updater and let it do its thing and it should sort it out. Syn3Updater specifically focuses on the 8" Sync 3 systems.

in not able to do a master reset once i cut the car on i can only filter the radio stations and the setting button doesn’t work it just goes to sound settings im not sure if this means anything but my car is a 2020

can i do the normal update on a 2020 year

As long as you tell Syn3 Updater that you are MY20 yes.

Ok great can you provide what update I need to fix this problem

Any 8" Sync 3 OS software. Use the Syn3 updater to update the unit, it will provide you the proper 8" screen file.

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I just wanna say thanks to everyone I download the update from you guys and my screen is working better then ever

Good news …so did you end up with the latest version 3.4.23088, maps 2.22 (if Nav.)?

i have the latest update no navi thou

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