Sync 3 in 2014 ford focus

Hello everyone

I currently have a 2014 focus st with sync 1 + sony sound system in which I installed sync 3. I wanted to have the opinion concerning the asbuilt of my APIM. If i can still improve the configuration. I do not say no. I also have two DTCs on the APIM which are U0184:00-0B and U0238:00-0B
and on the ACM: U2101:00-2F
I imagine that the ACM is not compatible. I could not reuse the original one.
My sync 3 version is 3.4.22251

Thank you.

The ACM you used, what year is it from

The ACM is from 2018.

Does everything seem to be working OK except for the codes? I’m having some weirdness with an APIM/ACM upgrade, and 2018/2019 seems to be right around the time they significantly changed the ACM.

Only other thing I could suggest is back up the current ACM as built and push your old one’s config to it.

Yes apart from the dtc all works perfectly. I still need to improve the programming of the APIM but for the moment I just want to enjoy it. European ACMs are not programmable. it would be necessary to go on a ford kuga ACM but the prices are delirious.