Sync 3 manual update_Voice file can't be downloaded

Hi. First post so please be gentle… :wink:

Having to use the manual update as I’m on a Mac.

I started the process of updating from USB but it’s failed because the voice file:


is missing.

The tutorial page won’t allow me to download this file, just saying it can’t be downloaded securely.

What’s the easiest solution as my console is stuck waiting on the USB being loaded with the correct file?

I now have access to a pc but I’m thinking because I started the manual update, I have to finish it.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the report, I can’t download it either from the link (I’m using Windows).
We will look into that.

This is the recommended path, since Syn3updater will not only create everything for you, but also validate files to ensure they have been properly downloaded/processed.

It does not really matter you started the manual process, since the process itself it’s the same.

Are you upgrading from ?

Thanks for reply.

I’m upgrading from 3.3.

So even though I started the manual process, and the console is waiting on that file, can I just begin again using the auto Syn3updater? I’m just paranoid about bricking anything.


Is the screen the Mustang car with a progress bar at the bottom?.
If so, that’s the reformat phase, so yes, it will be just fine.
Just make sure to configure syn3updater accordingly, that is, as current build.
It will create a reformat USB.

Nothing i can do about it, the file works fine for me, must be a local azure issue

The link on my DB is not HTTPS if you are trying to connect via HTTPS it WILL fail, this is likely your browser or something called “HSTS” you will need to force HTTP or clear your HSTS settings in your browser.

Yes, it’s the Mustang graphic that scrolls through a few different photos.

Message says waiting on USB. It appeared within 10-20 secs of starting the update.


Thanks, I’m googling how to do that.

Am I as well just using the auto option now I have the pc?

Sure. To avoid downloading everything again, once you install syn3updater and select a download location for the files, copy the already downloaded files into that folder before starting the process.
That way, Syn3updater won’t download them again, it will just verify they are ok.

Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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