SYNC 3 MY20 - black screen

I just downloaded the new update 3.4 21265 and I have a black screen, the key worked with MY20 protection detection, how do I do it?

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log.txt (13,9 Ko)

At this point, I’m confused.
The picture you sent before it was for a J series, which should not be MY20, but it was manufactured in 2021… So… My20 or not?, not sure.

And also: you got that APIM, did it work before?.
Is that APIM a replacement?. If so, to what screen are you connecting it to?.
Did you brick a MY20 unit and replaced the APIM for this one?.

APIM being my20 is not the issue, if you retrofitted and your screen is MY20 thats the issue… this has been mentioned many times already.

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Using the reformat tool would have disabled a MY20 screen, since the drivers are not correct. All you need is an older model screen to get the unit working. However, the screen you show, KS7T-18B955-SA, is not a MY20+ screen, and should work fine. This is the same as a KL3T-18B955-SA (2019 F-150 screen.) with different brackets for the vehicle model.

2019-2020 Ford Fusion Information 8 INCH Display Screen KS7T-18B955-SA

Additionally, the APIM you bought is an actual replacement APIM from Ford. This unit is straight from the factory, has never been programmed to a vehicle. The asbuilt is factory. You will need to copy your asbuilt from the old unit to this unit BEFORE you do anything else.

VIN: xxxxxx
Version JR3T-14G381-AS
APIM Model: JR3T-14G371-FFB
APIM Type: Navigation
APIM Size: 64GB
APIM Free Space: 12G
1/1/2014 12:01:10 AM +00:00

Installed Packages

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/usb0/ = 7.4G / 7.4G
/fs/tmpfs/ = 127M / 128M
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 1.7M / 1.3G
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 6.6M / 20G
/fs/Nuance/ = 34M / 16G
/fs/Nuance/ = 7.6M / 1.9G
/fs/Nuance/grace = 6.1M / 1.0G
/fs/rwdata/ = 954M / 1024M
/fs/mp/ = 40M / 1024M
/fs/images/ = 12G / 55G

APIM AsBuilt
DE00: 038060DA530208180082
DE01: 455A00000000000000000005
DE02: 0000000000
DE03: 01000000000000
DE04: 000000000000
DE05: 00
DE06: 0A000000000000000000000000000000

So at this point can you clarify what you have done, please.

Did you install the new APIM in a vehicle?
What screen is connected?
Did you program the new APIM asbuilt?
Have you reformatted the new APIM?

What is the condition of the APIM now?

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“Hello, I am in France and I have a F150 raptor from 2021 with the SYNC4, I would like to know if I can put the maps of France?”

If this is you that posted and it is the same vehicle than I don’t know why your wasting peoples time with a Sync 4 unit when this is Sync 3 stuff here. Maybe you have multiple cars?

Are you putting this in a 2014 Ford Explorer XLT or is the VIN from above a test bench? Are you doing this as a business?

Hi, well I just disassembled my SYNC 3 from the mondéo, so I did several tests to determine if it is the new SYNC 3’s screen or its APIM that was out of order. I confirm that the 2 screens are functional, however the new APIM does not seem to start after the update, I have an EMMC reader and I would like to know how to copy the correct one to copy it to the HS one

I have a test bench, when I put the APIM with the screen on the bench the software version was 3.0 rev 19205, so I downloaded the new version 3.4 rev 21265, I posted pictures so to verify it was a MY20, so obviously not, so I put the USB key it started the update then on the first restart the screen remained black. I am not a company I replace the SYNC 3 of my mustang. I also made this to modify my SYNC 3 from my mondéo. I did not install the APIM in my vehicle

You did not answer any questions. You either have a lot of cars or the statement you made on 9/9/20 is a lie.?

" Gaz

Sep '20

Hello, I am gaël from GWARED in France.
We would like to order SYNC3s with GPS from you. Many of our customers ask us to change their SYNC2 to SYNC3.
We are looking for trustworthy people in order to offer them quality services without leaving all these savings.

This email is a translation, I apologize."


Load your Mondeo asbuilt into the APIM and Master Reset.

As mentioned elsewhere previously I personally won’t support people profiting from my open source software, yes i make money from ads and donations but there is a difference between this and running a full blown business.

If others on the forum want to assist that’s down to their discretion


Hello, I have nothing to hide, I am a representative of the Gwared company in France. I’m not selling your software, I’m here for personal manipulation. The message you are going to get is absolutely true, we are looking for companies that are able to provide us with fully functional SYNC 3. We must not confuse everything, I have the right to be here for pleasure and to share with the community. In addition, I have solved the problem and I can share it with you so that it can be used by members.

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@bill32399 is not associated with CyanLabs.


Thank you, Gaz, for your explanation. May I ask how the issue was solved?

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Yes with great pleasure, I created an image with my SYNC 3 EU of my Mondéo, and then I copied the image to the SYNC which was out of order. I can send everything to you in order to troubleshoot the members, however the image is 60GB and it concerns the EU with the F10 card and version 21265

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Thanks for the information. No need to send anything, just wanted to know how you solved it. Thanks.

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