SYNC 3 MY20 - black screen

What is your SYNC Region? NA

Do you have Navigation? SYNC 3

What region is your SYNC APIM? NA

What was your old SYNC Version? 3.4.1920

I got a kuga from 2020 from the usa. It has a black screen, most likely someone did a reformat. How do I fix the unit ?? I read a dump eemc. Unfortunately, Please help.

If this is how you received the car then I would first try and take it up with whoever sold it to you. By attempting a reformat on a MY20+ vehicle they essentially bricked the unit.

The only way to recover from this is to either try attaching an older screen and downgrading the firmware on the APIM to accept the older screen (completing the reformat) or replacing it outright with a new one.

Or a emmc flash but I won’t go in to details here on that

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Unfortunately I don’t have a working emmc image.

Tomorrow I will have a screen from older sync3.
If it starts what is the best software to install?

It’s the same, I would install the lastest one.
Just to be clear, reformat tool does not have proper drivers for the screen. Once you bypass that by changing to older hardware, then it should work. After your are done, it does not really matter which screen you leave on.
Issue is with the reformat tool not supporting that hardware, it’s not a Sync3 issue.

If I understand correctly. I will update the software itself and mark SYNC Updater MY20 (active), this should make me a proper flash drive that will bring the original screen back to life.

Assuming the black screen is due to a reformat on a MY20, when you replace the screen with an older one, just start the unit to see what it does.

If it goes into reformat then yes, create a reformat USB with Syn3Updater and perform the operation.

If the screen is still black after replacement, then something else had happened and there’s no point in creating an USB.

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Well, no. Using the reformat tool has disabled the MY20 screen, since the drivers are not correct. You will need FORScan to correct this. Read the attached, it will help…

Sync 3.4 Black Screen.txt (753 Bytes)

Thanks for your help, I’ll check back next week. Because only then will I have the old display. Will inform you about the result

@fifipoland how did it go?

I was sent the wrong display. I am waiting for a new one.