Ford Transit custom mise à jour SYNC 3

Bonjour, j’ai un ford transit custom SYNC 3 mais la version de mon logiciel ne correspond pas aux votre. Elle est F1.5.0.1_R19511a comment je peux passer en version 3.4. car je vois bien que le thème est identique à la version 3.3

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Hello, I have a ford transit custom SYNC 3 but my software version does not match yours. It is F1.5.0.1_R19511a how I can upgrade to version 3.4. because I can see that the theme is identical to version 3.3

You dont have Sync 3, that is Sync 2.5 that looks identical but is entirely different hardware. None of the updates through the app are possible for you.


After some research. obviously you are right when the Sync 3 are not navigation, they are SYNC2.5, but I do not see why we could not install verision 3.4 non navigation.

On my order form it is marked SYNC 3

It isn’t possible at all.

EDIT: Just to confirm:

there are two versions of Sync 3: with nav, and without nav. 3.4 will install on either of these.

You have Sync 2.5 (only non-nav) - the updates on this site do not, and never will work with this.

They lied to you complain to the seller.

I Gaz i’m French too and I have the same configuation on a Ford Custom Limited 10/2020. Have you find an issue to this problem?

You don’t have SYNC 3 there is no solution.

Thank you for your quick reply.
On a new vehicle I don’t understand why. the most annoying is the lack of navigation while I have the GPS antenna.

…for the clock!..

Unable to create a log file, how to do it? the software does not work for my SYNC2.5‎

English please.

SYNC2.5‎ is not supported by these tools.

I don’t really understand why it would be impossible to install version 3.4 on SYNC 2.5. Indeed are the same components

Sync 2.5 is not the same components, it’s not even any where near the same hardware, please do research before assuming we are wrong.

Sync 2.5 is a software instance running in the ACM. You will need IDS or other manufacturer tool to update the software.

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