Sync 3 - navigation update


Mabye a stupid quesstion for some off you, but im new to all this coding stuff

My car (Focus MK4) was born without nav - i know that i can’t fit F9 maps into it because of memory sapce. But can you comprimise it somehow?

or is there another way i can get the navigation working?

Nope it’s not possible, replace the APIM with a larger storage or replace the chip it self with a larger storage and flash it.

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Eww was hoping for a better fix :face_with_monocle:

And there is no way you can sort some countries away example france, spain etc?

Not for a non nav you barely have space for the base operating system nevermind the maps.

Also, your vehicle may have Sync 2.5, it looks like Sync 3 but has no apim. This is a new thing for Ford and makes it impossible to even do the upgrade that is mentioned above.

Post a photo of your Sync version in settings if you want confirmation