Sync 3 problem and updted to the newest firmware

hi please to meet all of you, i have a problem with my sync 3.

my USB is inserted in the slot i can listen to my music and skip tracks, but here is where it gets interesting, i will switch the car off and leave for like lets say 10min get back to the car and switches the car back on- USB music still plays but as soon as i skip a track it defaults to radio.(at this stage on the main screen where the USB should be is a little tower and if you press on the tower it goes to the radio, press source to select USB you cant you have to select radio or Bluetooth only after that you can select USB again.

( on the screen it shows USB, NAVIGATION,BLUETOOTH- before car is switch off,
after 10min car switch on screen loads screen shows TOWER(where it should show USB)(USB still playing music), NAVIGATION,BLUETOOTH.

any help would greatly appreciated

This sounds like you aren’t on a version of sync 3 that has this fixed. what is your full sync 3 version currently?

sync 3 software version 3.4 build 20136_product
system update 04:79:B7:15:7E:13

Update to the latest version then as there are known issues with your version and the issue you are experiencing

i have tried via wifi and i found a update so i will try that

Please just update using our Syn3 Updater to 20282 or 20351

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thank you for the feed back where would i get the specific update and how will i update it

Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs

Yes that update is 20282 it should fix it

thank you under what must i do it under Europe or under rest of the world?

I would use 20351 and the region depends on what region you have we can’t answer that for you.

im in south africa i figured i should use ROW

and how do you install the radio logos and change themes ?

also i want to update the maps my current NAV software version
map database version 2018.07
POI dataversion 2018.07
now on syn3 it pulls this version 3.2.20147 and then at the bottom it tells me install mode: DOWNGRADE

Correct ROW is what you need in this case.

ForScan is required for this

Not sure what you are asking here to be honest

i figured it out, sorry for all the questions luckily my car is not manufactured in 2020,
ForScan? thats does what

guys thank you so much for the advice my sync 3 is sorted out and it does not default back to radio and its so smooth now.


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