Sync 3 Speed Compensated Volume feature

Sync 3 has a feature named Speed Compensated Volume, it has some options including off/low/medium/high, somehow it doesn’t work properly on my 2017 Fusion, each time when I start the car, it always doesn’t work even if the setting is not in off status, and if you change it to something else and change it back, it will work properly then, but next time when you start your car it doesn’t work again, looks like each time APIM is powered up, this feature is always disabled regardless of the actual settings.

This issue exists with my factory Sync 3 version (3.0), and after I upgrade APIM firmware and SYNC to 3.4 it still exists, I believe it’s a software or firmware issue, I checked asbuilt data, didn’t find anything related to it, does anybody has any idea how to fix it? I really like this feature, and it works well on my Escape though.

I have heard about this issue before, but have not seen anything about a solution. When I get some time I’ll do some research.

The audio DSP module compensates for wind and road noise by adjusting the audio system volume based on the VSS signal and customer-defined setting.
Note: When a MyKey® is in use and the MyKey® Volume Limiter is enabled, the speed compensated volume is disabled.

Looking around various forums seems to indicate the Speed Compensated Volume is a well known issue. Some folks had the ACM replaced and solved the issue, but others did not have success with module replacement. Check to see if you have a MyKey setting enabled. Another thing to check is the settings for saved KeyFobs, like memory settings for the seats, etc. Try different ones or erase all of those and reprogram the memory settings and use the ADMIN FOB for the settings.

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