Sync 3 update = black screen - is there a way to bring it back from the dead?

Have a 2015 Ford Expedition with a OE Ford 2017 Sync 3 System. Worked perfectly until I downloaded and tried to install the Sync 3 update, which made the screen go black and I can’t revive it. Any idea if there’s a way to bring it back to life?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 2.0.16074

New SYNC Version: 3.0.20204

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

That seems to conflict with each other… It seems you sent incoherent data in that form…

If the APIM is MY20, there’s not fix for that… You can’t reformat a MY20 APIM…

Can you share a picture of the sticker the APIM has?.

A bit more context: I updated the system via USB memory stick, using the 2017 Ford Expedition VIN (since that was the one the APIM came from). When I plugged in the memory stick, it said “software update” on the screen for several weeks (I left it in, thinking it may just be super slow to load). Eventually, I removed the USB stick, and on the next startup, the screen was black. I tried every method of reviving it that I know of, including taking it to the Ford dealer. They just pulled it out and were about to send it off for replacement (I don’t think they did any actual diagnostics) but then informed me that because it wasn’t original to the vehicle they couldn’t help.

I’d be glad to send this to a repair service, if there are any good recommendations.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Not sure where you’re getting MY20; it was from a 2017 Expedition.

Sorry for any confusion, by “retrofit” I meant that it was from a 2017 retrofitted to my 2015. The APIM is from a 2017 Ford Expedition Platinum.

He said MY20+ because what happened to yours is what they do if reformatted.

If it was from a 2017 than that problem means the APIM may have gone bad. It’s likely an old H series APIM and they can be a bit temperamental (Has 2 USB plugs on the back). Has it been reinstalled since the dealer took it out?

Yes, I re-installed it to check it out, but no dice.

Attached are photos of the APIM. It has a 2017 date code, but only1 mini USB plugs that I can see.

top shot

Hello… Thank you for the context, it helps a bit.
What version was it running before you tried upgrading it?, are you super sure it was 2.0.16074?.

If you still have the update USB you used, please upload the autoinstall.lst file that’s on the USB’s root.

Also, is the unit operative at all?.. leaving the black screen aside, do the ports work?, audio?, cell phone?.

The sticker says it’s from 2017, but that APIM is not found on our hardware DB which is really odd… I mean, if it’s from 2017 you may think it would been there already, right?..

Also, it’s odd to me see this on the sticker:

That’s odd because it’s redundant… I do not recall seeing that information on other APIMs, but do not quote me on this and this does not necessarily mean anything…

Finally: please do not post multiple consecutive messages… if you need/want to add information do not do that, just use the edit button instead.

Apologies for the multiple messages.

The guy I purchased it from told me it was running “version 2.3”, but when I type in the VIN at the Ford website, it says version “2.0.16074”. Unfortunately I can’t confirm because the unit is off and out of the vehicle.

When it was in the vehicle, it seemed totally inoperative (no music, no ports, etc).

I even plugged in the original Sync system (Sync 1?) that came with the SUV, started it up, and got it running fine, then took it out and plugged the Sync 3 system back in to see if that would revive it, but still nothing.

I didn’t hear any pops or smell anything, so I’m hoping there’s a way to reset it or otherwise bring it back.

Autoinstall file attached.

Thanks again for your help.
autoinstall.lst (613 Bytes)

Thank you for the file.
Basically, that file should update to 3.0.20204, plus gracenotes and voice.
That should not had killed the unit, of course as long as the unit was genuine and not messed with. Generally speaking, autoinstall should be quite safe.

Do you have Forscan and an adapter?.

I don’t have forscan or adapter; we are an Apple computer family, so I understand that isn’t an option.

Okey, it was a long shot worth trying (an APIM reset from Forscan)…
But no guarantee it would do something/anything.

At this point there’s nothing really to try.
Based on this I’m not sure this unit is 100% stock/original…

Ok. Thanks for taking a look. It worked perfectly for 2+ years and there were no issues until I tried to update the software as mentioned.

Any service companies that might be able to check it for me? I’d hate to ditch it if it could be recovered.

Not me, but maybe @NaviUpgrade has some thoughts about that…

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