Sync 3 update ford explorer

We are not ford so can’t answer that, likely something went wrong and ford can fix it

Sorry for the delay, I had to attend something at work.
I agree with was said before: if the black screen scenario was provoked by something that Ford pushed your way, you should contact Ford specially if the unit is under warranty.

Any attempt to fix the issue may void the warranty or make things worse, so it’s not work the risk.

The fact that the unit is operating with a black screen is a good thing, since it’s not bricked.

But again, go with a warranty claim, it’s the safest way.

On a side note, your unit currently has the latest Sync3 version, which I’m not sure Ford published to the general public.

Also, the unit has a mixture of maps.

It’s clear that you are not telling us the whole truth.

The maps installed are a mix of EU and NA and you are using a version of sync that is not released by ford as far as we know.

Explain in detail what you have done without hiding some information so we can help. Otherwise this thread will be closed due to lack of information in the next 3 days.

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