Sync 3 update issue 2017 ford fiesta

Hey guys, i wish someone could help me

I have a NO NAV system but i activated the NAV (i though i did) with FORScan on my 2017 ford fiesta, i used to have SYNC 3.4 21194, and i tried to update to 3.4 22200 but now i selected that already had NAV, the system rebooted but i think that i had a downgrade (i dont know wich version and wich build number) but the screen looked kind of old version, and then the system rebooted and i had a red screen with the legend:
Error in 4U5T-14G421 CGE_1644007746000.TAR.GZ and now im stucked on “Please insert USB stick” and i dont know what to do now, how can i fix this? I already try to download new files with NO NAV files to see if the system reboot but nothing happened (sorry about my english is not that good) please guys help me!!

Based on your description, you are stuck in the reformat phase. If so, recreate the USB with Syn3Updater, without nav. The current version in Syn3Updater must be any 3.0 version, the desired target version is up to you.

Since I’m not sure what you are doing, while creating the USB do not select gracenotes. If the installation succeeds, it can be installed later on depending on how much free space the unit has.

If this fails, post:

  • the log file from the USB creation
  • a picture of the red screen, including the timer

PS: please, do not spam the same question in multiple places. I’ve deleted your chat message. This is free support and you are using a free tool to upgrade your system.
If you are in a hurry to solve some issue yourself created, go to a service center and pay someone to resolve the issue and upgrade the unit. Otherwise, be patient.

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Hi! I did what you said and it works!!! Thank you so much for your help!

Now, to update the gracenotes i assume that i have to download again my current sync version but now with the gracenotes selected?

PS: Im sorry for the spam, i didnt know the rules, sorry about that.

Youre the man! I really appreciate your support

Gracenotes can be a stand-alone installation.

Glad it worked.

First of all, I would like to confirm you have enough space to do so. In Syn3Updater, create an interrogator log and run that against the unit. That will produce a log that will tell us how much free space the unit has.

Since your unit is NO NAV, it may bot have enough space to install gracenotes.

As said before, gracenotes installation can be performed by itself.

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