Sync 3 Update - while car running but parked

Hey gentleman,

i am planning to update my sync 3.0 build 19205 (its a shame, how car man. treat software) to the most recent 3.4 you guys provide (awesome!).

my plan is to have the car motor running (hopefully i can lock doors with the wireless key even if its running from outside) and updating the sync3 with USB.

Question is:
if i then unlock or lock the car while the update is in progress → will this result in turning off the sync 3 module / update process and brick my system?

Thanks for a response!

pretty sure if the car is running it won’t turn off sync, although i’m unsure if you can lock the car while the engine is running

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One Last question: when sync3 turns off is my system bricked or will the whole stuff just install again until it’s complete, like with the original software update? :slight_smile:

it should just start again but don’t risk it

It honestly doesn’t take long to update and was very simple. I downloaded the files to USB, popped it in my SUV, started it up and it installed in like 15 or 20 minutes. Never had an issue, installed flawlessly. Mind you, mine is a 2017, so risk of bricking it is very slim to none, vs a 2020 model

Not quite that simple

Non nav about 10 minutes
Nav EU about 60 minutes
Nav NA about 30 minutes

You can lock the car and leave it running if you leave the FOB in the car and use the IA keypad buttons if you have them. However, the car will shut off in 30 minutes. (Models may not support the feature.) You can also leave the FOB in the car without it running and lock the car the same way. You must have the IA keypad to do this.

Pretty sure this depends on the car as my Focus didn’t let me do this but my Fiesta does

I see… I should be driving then until the update is fine :relaxed:. Thanks all for the support. yeah I have the europe navigation onboard and it will take the 60 Minutes. Also I tried hard but what is FOB and IA :smiley:

I don’t know what, if anything, “FOB” stands for in regards to automobiles but he means the key “FOB” - the piece with your key, the door lock/unlock buttons, etc. “IA” means “Intelligent Access” which uses your key to talk to the car, telling it it can unlock doors, start the car if the key fob is inside, and so on.

I thought you were over-thinking the upgrade process until “Cyan” said a navigation unit in the EU can take 60 minutes. Wow ! I’d probably just go for a drive while that updates. You can actually use the radio, etc while it installs.

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This also depends, if it’s a reformat you can’t if it’s a normal upgrade you can, if you are on 3.0 or lower you will need to reformat

You could turn off the auto 15 min shutoff (thought it was 15, not 30) through the instrument cluster vehicle settings.

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That’s a separate setting for remote start only. US vehicles (Ford/Lincoln) will shut off after 30 minutes of not being moved or drive controls used in some fashion. For remote start, the maximum run time is also 30 minutes, if you extend the 15 minute timer again. You can only extend it once without cycling the ignition. This is in response to EPA and other regulations. This varies by model and year when it was implemented, but virtually all models sold in the US now feature this.

It will be a reformat.

Ford Grand C Max, with NAV EU. Year 2018, Titanium. Came with 3.0 build something and its on 3.0 19205. Parking sensors audio and on screen, automatic parking feature. No cameras.
I think ill take it for a ride then.

If this fails my wifes gonna kill me :smiley:

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