Sync 3 updater question

I would like to update to the latest build, 3.4.23188, and install 2.22 maps for North America on my SYNC system. Currently, my version is 3.4.20351 2019. However, whenever I attempt to create a USB, it displays the installation mode as "downgrade force no my20 auto detect."Shouldn’t it be “reformat”??? can someone please explain this forme

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.20351

New SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version:

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

no log yet 

Review the documentation, all installation methods are explained in detail there → The Different Install Modes - CyanLabs

It needs to downgrade first to enable running the reformat tool.

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