SYNC 3 UPGRADE from version 3.0 build 19205 to 3.4

Hi, the question is: I have a 2018 ford f150 bought in Canada, (APIM H / W part number HS7T-14G380-BB, CCPU S / W part number JR3T-14G381-AS), if I proceed with the update clearly explained in the website, can I convert the APIM to European characteristics?
Thank you.

It’s well documented that Cyanlabs does not support changing the region of your APIM.

I have already update country and region on my APIM with Forscan, and it works well, but i can’t find the maps for upgrade the NAV module on board i have only the NA maps

Hi, having no intention of changing the APIM USA module (32 Gb), I solved the problem in this way: - with Forscan I disabled the navigator

  • later I installed synch version 3.4 (which has carplay enabled)
  • if I need the navigator I use google maps on my mobile
    Thanks again