Sync 3 v. 3.4.21194. APIM MY20

Fusion 2020. Sync 3 v. 3.4.21194. APIM MY20. NA maps. How to update to the latest version and upload F11 EU maps?

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Goto the Ford owner website and do it. You have a 2020+ APIM so you cannot reformat the APIM.

I also have a 2020 Fusion and the Ford website has the latest SYNC version and Maps same as Cyanlabs does.

For what you want to do, you need to change regions, which you can’t do since it’s a MY20 unit and you can’t reformat it.

What you could do is research FMods since they enable handling MY20 to bypass the reformat procedure requirement, that way you could possible make room by deleting current maps to make room for the new maps without a reformat.

I think that won’t work, since he currently have NA maps installed but wants EU ones.
I suspect this is an imported car, so Ford will provide the original region’s software (if available)

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You can’t as you are changing region and my20 well you probably can with jailbreak

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You will need to JB the unit to load EU maps, but you will only be able to load a cut down set of EU maps and Nav voice since the NA APIM is 32GB vs EU at 64GB.

DO NOT reformat this unit.

I just noticed that

Yes, the car is imported and has NA maps. I can change the APIM region myself via Forscan. No problem. The problem is that I can’t use the reformat mode. I can also do jilbreake but what will it change? I do not really know what path to take to upload the latest software and maps F11 EU. Please help

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Why can’t I change the region through e.g. Forscan? In MY20 it is not safe?

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Yes I know it is 32 GB.
Could you explain?

  1. I know do jbreak
  2. I have to use the mod to clean/remove maps NA - what is the mod?
  3. How to upload EU maps. I know I have to cut them. But what mode?
  4. Can I change my region via Forscan?
  5. End Can I update only soft to the latest (without maps)

That’s why I said you can research.
You need JB to delete maps from the APIM.
Check NaviUpgrade’s YT channel.

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