Sync 3 v2.2.16280 to v3.4. 23188

I have a 2018 Focus SE automatic (South America) with version v2.2.16280. I’ve been reading, but I’m still not 100% clear on one part of the process. Can I upgrade directly from my version to the latest version? From what I understand, the installer detects the version I have and prepares the USB drive for formatting and then installation, right?
And another question I have, which I think I’ve answered myself, is if it doesn’t have navigation, I can’t add it.


SYNC Region: ANZ

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 2.2.16280

New SYNC Version: 2.2.16280

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Yes you can. Suggest you follow the video link below to the letter especially the parts about not withdrawing the USB stick early in the car and about the master reset at the end.
The installation itself ends at around 7.0 on the video and the rest just involves setting up sync to your requirements.
And no, you cannot instal nav on a non nav unit.,vid:f04MRD86664,st:0

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Thank you very much for the response, the video is super clear, and I have one more question. The system asks to remove the USB drive, but the author of the video says to keep it in. Is that correct?

Yes…the sync display screen in the car may ask you to remove the USB stick early and part way through the installation but leave it there and it will reboot and continue the instal.
After it is finished you usually have a green background telling you to remove the USB stick as shown in the video.
Please let us know if it works out for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As long as AA/CP works for you now, yes.

Wrong, you need to configure it.
You should read → Basic Usage - CyanLabs

Most likely, no.

You should read this as well → The Different Install Modes - CyanLabs

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10 minutes of suffering, but everything worked out; I now have the latest version. Thank you for responding.


Lol, why suffering?
Anyhow, glad it worked… Remember to perform a master reset…

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