Sync 3 ver 2.3 17109 is there possible to update to 3.4 or 3.0?

Hi I bought fiesta mk8 with sync 3 without map with ver 2.3 17109, is there an option to update it to version 3.4?

Ignore my previous post I read that completely wrong

Use syn3updater

ok so I can update to 3.4 with updater, right?

I don’t need navigation on sync I use Google map from Apple Car Play :wink:

Correct, although can you confirm your car year is 2017 as I find it odd a mk8 fiesta has 2.3

its from December of 2017 although forepaws show as 2018 I can send you VIN to make sure that is possible to update

Is it the original sync apim?

I just bought that car and if I know everything was made on ASO of Ford

As long as Its the original APIM you can update via syn3updater

ok if not it just give me error and not let override files right?

No, if not it will potentially brick the APIM

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ok so how I can confirm with version I had?

ok right now on sync I had information SYNC 3, software version 2.3 compilation 17109

and I want to change it cause on other car I had 3.4 and in my opinion it looks better

It’s not about what version you have, in 99% of the cases it’s fine, but more and more people are reporting bricks recently and it’s because they had their APIM’s replaced under warranty. You should be fine but no guarantees

ok is there any wa or place that I can check if its compatible?

its my wife car so … she will kill me if I brick it :wink:

Run the APIM interrogator utility and post the file. Redact the vin on the file.

Yeah… we should implement some kind of warning about wife’s cars… You are on your own!, hahaha…

On a serious note, only real 100% way of knowing you are totally safe would be to gain physical access to the APIM and check the stickers on them (APIM and Screen)

As said before, you should be ok based on the model and year…
But, if for some reason in the past the unit was serviced, depending on when that happened you could have a MY20 components UNIT which would be really bad…

Run the APIM interrogator as suggested before.

ok when check it by VIN it show info that

on factory they use APIM without navigation H1BT-14G371-AHA they use it from 15.05.2017 to 05.02.2018 and was updated to SYNC3 v3.0.20204

Run the interrogator

Ok but i dont know How, i just check on car and right now it show that its already update to 3.0 maybe it use Wifi that i conected yesterday, so it should update to 3.4 or i still need to check those iterrogator?

a 3.0 car will never update to 3.2+ you should run the interrogator as mentioned.