Sync 4G Modem Compatibility

Is there a compatibility issue between Sync 3.4 and the new 4G modem hardware that Ford released for vehicles with older 3G modems? I just picked up my car from the dealership and none of the FordPass features work. Ford support said the dealership did not do the install correctly, but I suspect it could be my version of Sync because my Expedition doesn’t have any of the FordPass features, like remote lock/unlock either. It did for a brief time, but I think updating Sync broke the functionality. I’m currently running Sync version 3.4.21194. Ford’s website says the latest version for my 2017 Focus is 3.0.20204. Am I correct that 3.4 → 3.0 reversion is not available due to partition differences? I’m getting PKG_03 errors when I try to install 20204.

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They are most likely correct. You are not alone.

Your APIM has been upgraded via non-Ford authorized software to Sync 3.2+. You cannot go back to Sync 3.0 due to the differences in partition layout, etc.

@bill32399 might have some advice for you…

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I had the exact same thing happen with my 2020 Fusion when I had them upgrade my modem to 4G. My Fusion had and still has 3.4.21194 and my dealership was able to fix it when I took it back. They had the AsBuilt settings wrong and when they corrected them it has worked fine ever since.

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Hey Bill, did you by any chance know what the correct AsBuilt settings were for that? I have a 2019 Fusion Energi and of course there is no 754-01-02 AsBuilt to look up, but wanted to see what other successful upgrades looked like. Thanks

I think these are the latest ones Ford put in. If not, I can pull them later tonight.


Thank you Bill, I think that did the trick. I had 00A0 in my fusion of my DIY 4G upgrade and after putting in the 754-02-01 (by accident said 01-02 before) same as yours I have fully functional Fordpass on a TCU from a 2017 Escape. This was the final thing I was looking for because I had everything but the Charging Details and Charging Logs. Once I did a master reset of Sync it all came back up after authorize.

Thanks again!


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