Sync gen 1.1 upgrade


I have a Ford Fusion 3.0 V6 2011 with gen1 sync with navigation.

I’m trying to upgrade to the latest firmware but ford syncmyride website keeps sayin ‘Your SYNC system (Gen1 - V1.4.1.P) is up to date.’

I’ve downloaded various zip updates for that model, some from the 2011 mexican version, but nothing seems to help since the update keeps stuck on ‘updating’ for more than 3 hours and nothing helps.

I’ve made reset on the sync menu, unplugged the battery but nothing seems to get from that point.

I’ve purchased another APIM unity with upgraded firmware but when i exchange it every sync function like USB and Bluetooth goes away from the screen.

I have Forscan 2.4 beta and a ELM adapter, there’s anything that i can do to update my APIM via forscan (or even rewrite and make the new APIM module work)?

Sorry for posting here, a lot of foruns that have infos for that sync model are abandoned and i hope that you guys have some ideas do help me.

This is a very old unit that is not compatible with the newer Sync 2.0, 3.0 or 3.2+ software. I am not sure that FORScan supports the Gen 1 systems.

A good resource for this issue would be 2GFusions - Interior & Electrical

User DanMc85 is the person you want to reach.

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