Sync update 3.0 (with map) to 3.4 but without map

Hello everyone,
I need your opinion on Sync. I have a 2018 Vignale fiesta with Sync 3 + maps. I have read that it is possible, through known but unauthorized tolls, to upgrade the system to 3.4. I tried further to do the update but, due to the network, I can never complete the download of the maps on the PC given the amount of gb. I was wondering since it also has integrated F6 maps as standard if I could only insert the 3.4 sync software without the maps into the stick. It’s the only (probably fallacious) idea that came to my mind. Would I lose the maps in case?
I hope I have explained myself better :laughing:. A greeting

You can’t use 3.4 with old F6 maps.

Mmmm I tried to update also with the maps about 3 times but always error 04

you are doing something wrong, Error 04 is not a full error, provide a log, full error message, some actual details and we may be able to help.

Assuming its PKG_ERR04 you have incorrectly set your Sync Version in Syn3 Updater but there are other 04 errors it could be

You’re right, I didn’t specify. The error is LST ERROR 04


Your file is not valid, again no idea what you are doing without a log file

Forgive the ignorance, I’m not practical. It should create the log file once it is disconnected, right?

You should have a log file on your usb/folder