Sync update 3 3.4 19101. The car was imported from Canada to Europe

2018 Ford Escape car imported from Canada to Europe.
I updated sync3 to version 3.4 19.101 EU with the old method successfully.
Now I want to update to 3.4 19.274 with f9 maps with the new tool.
Should current version information choose CA or EU?
And whether the update was successful

If you are on EU then do EU

Thanks for the answer, I have a request if you can answer me which files I can safely remove from “reformat.lst” to leave a map containing Poland and a voice containing Polish.
Thanks in advance.

Dzień dobry , mam samochód z USA i chciałbym zaktualizować Sync3 do nowszej wersji ale EU.Mógłby mi Pan podać jak to zrobić Pana starą metodą bo mam z tym problem.Z góry dziękuję bardzo i pozdrawiam

Changing Region
It is not as simple as installing EU maps on non EU APIM’s the storage size of EU APIM’s is double the size of NA APIM’s We do offer special cut down versions that can be used at a small cost of £14.99, these can be purchased from here Some AsBuilt edits may still be required to enable all functionality on non native APIM’s. You are on your own to determine if this is the case for your individual use case. may help you to find what AsBuilt values need to be changed. Please note it can take 24-48 hours to generate the custom package however it is usually much quicker!

I am in North of Iraq what should i chose please my sync was NA region?

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