Sync v 1.0 to 3.0 Says 3.02024 in settings but nothing changed

I’m having an issue where i updated the software from v1 to 3.02024 in my 2016 mustang and in the settings it says its on 3.02024, but it hasn’t changed anything. Like the navigation icon hasn’t changed or any of the other ones as well as android auto being there as it should be. Where should I go from here?

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 1.0

New SYNC Version: 3.02024

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
no error message it said completed but none of the update features are appearing

Update Method: Official Ford

You mean 3.0.20204 I assume,.
Did you try a master reset?

yes ive tried master reset as well as the soft reset it still comes back as all the old icons and no android or carplay

You probably won’t get Carplay anyway unless you have changed the hub.
You say it is showing the updates in the settings…3.0.20204, does it show the maps version as well and if so, what is it?

yes thanks, I have the hub on the way. When i go to the settings in my car it’s 3.0.20204. It still has first version of maps, but i dont really care about that very much I just will use apple car play mostly. its still looks like the version 1.

Perhaps you could go down the Cyanlabs track with updates and current maps after you fit your new hub.
If you do so I suggest that you do it in stages using your version 3.0.20204 as your current version and update to say version 3.4.21265 initially with the latest maps (2.22).
If that is successful then you could update to the latest version 3.4.23188 using 3.4.21265 as your current version but don’t update maps as you will already have them.

If you are unsure of updating with Cyanlabs check out the video top left of the link.
The Syn3Updater installer is further down on the left.

One thing to remember is not to remove the flash drive when first messaged in the car to do so but let the system reboot and remove it when you get a second message later that the upload is complete.

If you do this do not forget to do a master reset after each upload.

Please keep us updated.

EDIT: There are guys on this forum who know a lot more about Sync3 than me and I urge them to correct this post if I have erred with advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

okay thank you. I will try to do that when i get home i was just a little worried about putting 3.0.20204 as the current version because it doesn’t appear to actually be on that version. I just don’t wanna mess up the system i’ve read about people getting black screens that pretty much breaks it.

There are no visual changes in the build. its all back end, eg supporting new BlueTooth specs.
3.0 looks like 3.0 not 3.4, just as 3.4 doesn’t look like 4.0.

I don’t really mind how it looks with everything i mostly just want the apple car play along with those features. From what i’ve seen there is visual changes from sync 1.0 to 3.0 like a lot of the icons changing and the nav at the bottom being different. And with 3.4 that’s when it’s the blue interface right?

If you mean the background then yes, all blue. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t even remember how mine looked in the past with 3.0.20204.

so there is no way to fix the version 3.0. 20204
to how it’s supposed to be? I’m a little skeptical to go to the 3.4 version because i’ve seen a lot of people mess up their system.

Well you could try doing it with Cyanlabs by using 3.0.20204 as your current and required version.
If you do that you may as well include the latest maps as well…2.22.
If that is successful you could consider updating to the latest version later.

The main reason some mess up their system through Cyanlabs is because they do not configure the flash drive properly or remove it from the car before it has fully uploaded or in some cases trying to upload 2020 + models incorrectly.

A couple of years ago I went from the factory 3.0.20204 to Cyanlabs 3.4.22251, and later to 3.4.23088 and now to 3.4.23188 all with the latest maps without any issues and my car is a 2017 Escape but had Carplay etc. and I am assuming yours has the factory sync3 but just needs the later Carplay hub.

You need to study the instructions from Cyanlabs and follow them to the letter.

Keep in touch… :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope, that is the way it is for the Ford interface.

okay thank you. i will probably do the update tomorrow when the hub comes in, i’ll update yall!

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