Sync2 to sync3.4 upgrade no park pilot

Hi I have just done a sync 2 to sync 3.4 upgrade every thing works except the park pilot when in reverse the camera works just no picture of the car in the right hand top corner not even the safety warning at the top of the screen but the sensors make a noise when you are near something the vehicle is a 2016 mondeo mk5 titanium x with 12 sensors any ideas?

Your AsBuilt is likely wrong -

I had this issue when I did mine, it’s also a retrofit from Sync 1 to 2 and eventually 3. It’s the PDC architecture that’s wrong. 7D0-02-02 xxxx *xxx xxxx I changed the * to a 2. It will depend on what it’s already set at now, if it’s already a 2, try changing it to 0. Hope that helps.

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Thank you will try it tried nearly everything else with no look