Sync3.4 fixing the map navigation, the clock and Siriusxm

Good morning can you please show me how to fix these problems? Thank you so much for your help.

Isnt there already an open thread on this?

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Sorry, I didn’t get that, could you please explain :blush:

Haven’t you already asked these questions in other threads?

I’ve been trying for a long time and I’m having a lot of trouble learning this application, I’m new here and I don’t know how it’s working.

Ok, “threads” is the category that have different colours?

No, you have started a discussion about the same issue in different sections of this forum. You will not get help unless you stick to the one ‘thread’ in one section.


Thank you so much, but does have any video that shows how it works, because, I can’t understand

How what works? All your questions are very vague, you need to add some context to them instead of leaving us to guess. People want to help but your making it very hard.

Starting a new thread gets rid of the history from the last one and we basically have to start over and repeat everything again by not having that.

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Thanks to the people for the help, but I don’t try to make it hard, and I don’t want to make people guess. Just I don’t know how it’s working here on the difficult website. And I was sharing photos of my problem, what else do you expect?

And don’t forget something, I’m new here, and I don’t have an experience like yours, I don’t know how many years you’ve been here.

Thanks for your advice.

codes.txt (5.3 KB)

You need to turn off the heated seats in your APIM unless you installed them. If you did than they are wired wrong.

You also need to turn off auto temp as you have not installed the correct hardware to support this.

You also have the Terrain control module turned on in the IPC and this needs to be turned off as the PIU does not have one unless you installed this.

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Thank you so much, very helpful information, I will do that and I will come back.

I don’t think I saw it anywhere in the thread…

What is the year and model of the vehicle?
Based off the Microsoft Sync trim in the pic was this a MFT to Sync3 Upgrade?

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Its a 2015 PIU.

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Hello, can anyone help me with Forscan, can anyone have a good experience with Forscan? And if necessary, I share the screen on the computer to fix it. I will pay for it, or if you know where to go in Alberta Calgary.
Thank you.

Wouldn’t a 2015 Edge PIU be close to an MKX?

Have you read this thread?

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