Sync3 my20 reformat + old screen

Can i use reformat on my20 sync3 whit old screen?

It is not recommended. Old screen or new, you will face the same issue with the driver set, the reformat tool does not support the new drivers. People have used an old screen to recover a ‘black screened’ MY20+ APIM, but this is not guaranteed to work.

Why do you need to reformat your 2020 Edge APIM?

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Yes, Edge 2020
I had only US maps, I added EU maps (BBH, BHH, BAH, BCF). After that, in the settings, I can see map version F10. But currently, I see only a blank screen instead of streets :grinning:.

2020 Edge imported to the Ukraine?

I would bet that the installation of the 3 map files and 1 voice file never finished as that combination would have never fit on the unit along with the NA maps installed. You probably have the EU license and 1 map file installed, so that is why the map display is blank. At this point you have run the APIM down to minimum memory (storage) with no way to recover, since you cannot reformat a MY20+ APIM. It is doubtful that you could even perform a software update at this point.

To see how much space is left on the APIM, you can run the APIM Interrogator Utility in the Syn3 Updater in the troubleshooting tab.

If you had 3.3 / 3.4 installed by default, you will not be able to update from US to EU maps using stock installation methods. Simply because Ford changed how maps, voices and etc… is treated in those versions. As an example, before, on lets say version 3.0 maps where always saved as one maps.img file, same goes for voices and etc. When Ford introduced software versions 3.2 / 3.4, maps, voices and etc. now are stored on SYNC3 APIM with locality extensions, map_us.img, map_eu_ext.img and etc. (don’t remember all file names, but there are a lot of them). So when you are installing maps, voices and ect. from different countries to 3.4 you are not overwriting existing US maps, you are just filling up the memory of US APIM more, until you will run out of free space on the APIM.

So basically, for anyone with MY20 APIM and stock 3.4 there are two ways to convert from US to EU.

  1. Install mod tools from Fmods and then obtain a script which will delete all voice and map packages from modded 3.4 APIM, and then you will be able to install cut down version (because of APIM eMMC size limitations) of EU maps using stock update functionality.

  2. Or use eMMC reader and install maps and voices using that. :slight_smile:

Do not use reformat tool on MY20, because it’s a hit or miss, some APIMS can be booted up with and older screen, some not.

The naming convention of the actual file is not the issue, you can replace the NA file with an EU file. The executable actions are in the installation scripting (.sh files) which determine what goes where and what gets replaced with what. The Ford installation scripts just happen to be specific for updating region specific packages. If you were write the proper scripting, you could replace the files using an autoinstall method instead of reformat. However, this requires that all the scripting files be signed and allowed to run on the Sync platform. Works the same way with deleting the files.

Yes but i get what @Julius_Bogdanovas means, because they use different filenames they are not overwritten. if it was simply maps.img like it used to be then this would be a non issue.

I agree with that. It would be easier if it worked that way.

Perhaps you might find this thread useful:
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