Sync3 screen volume indicator frozen to zero

Hello friends I need your help. I upgraded my sync2 Fusion 2013 to sync3 withdrawn Fusion 2018, and I’m having a problem, the volume indication that is displayed on the screen it is frozen, the volume works correctly, only the digital indication that appears on the sync3 screen that is frozen at zero.
Fan speed and temperature work and is normally displayed on the screen.

Thank you very much for your help.

This is an issue with your upgrade from sync 2 to sync 3 not a 3.4 issue.

It might be due to your acm being older than it expects so it may need replacing (easier) or firmware updating (harder)

Thanks thanks Louage, This anomaly only happens with the volume indication, the air conditioning speed indication and the fan speed normally.

I know why but I can’t recall the fix. I’ll get back to you

Smart DSP option. They did not specify the setting…

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Try setting 7D0-01-01: X###-####-#### to 0

Make sure to note what it is set to currently


Ok I will observe this line, then post the result … thank you very much

Good morning everyone, Lounge thank you very much, you guided correctly, I found one more obstacle, my APIM showed number 0 in the first item in the code line.
I decided to consult APIM of a friend, who showed me number 8 in the first item of the code line.
I adopted number 8 in the first number of the code line, and it’s working perfectly.
My APIM changed automatically in the third block, number 1 to number 9.

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Administrators can close the topic, problem solved.

Thank you so much

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Thanks for the update. Enjoy.