Sync3 settings

Hi, could you please give me a lot pit information about this, how to fix it? But baby learning :hugs::hugs::hugs:

I also have a 15 Explorer and mine will occasionally do this but corrects itself. Does yours correct itself? Did you have any recent work done on it? Any other odd things happen? Did you recently upgrade to Sync 3 since a 15 comes with MFT/SYNC 2?

Basically it is saying that your IPC cluster is not talking to the APIM/Touch screen over the Infotainment Canbus.

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Thank you for response, you are the first person you answer me, :+1:.
I just checked the instrument cluster😁

Have you done any code scanning?

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Any parts I install it’s said Missing Communication, I don’t know if have ways to I fix this.

Try clearing your DTC’s and then see what it shows. I think all your errors are because your AB settings are wrong in your APIM. You may want to also post your AB settings for your APIM.

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You have a misconfigured APIM, throwing a U2101 misconfiguration code. This can cause many of the DTC’s you are seeing. Once this is fixed, most or all of the DTC’s should go away upon clearing. Post your APIM asbuilt settings.

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I believe since I installed Sync 3, and changed the climate control module, GPS module, cluster insurance and more, it’s showing these problems.

The parts don’t have any problem but it doesn’t communicate with the car.

The car it’s a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility 2015, and when I bought it I had to change a lot of things.

I have a question guys for you,
when I buy parts from a junkyard what should I do, to communicate it to the car?

Because took it to several shops and they couldn’t do anything, not even the Ford dealership. But I believe they don’t want it, but anyway.

You can only use parts from a 11-15 Explorer if you are in the Junkyard. There are exceptions but most must be those years. In 2016 they changed to a CGEA 1.3 network and you can’t use most those modules.

Yes, Ford dealerships won’t touch any mods for any car. Most the time they will tell you that you can’t even do most the stuff you have done.


Thank you for your response bill32399, I installed Sync 3 from Ford Explorer 2018 and all the modules and now it’s working very well, and I did update to 3.4 Sync, Just makes me so so so tired :sweat::sweat::sweat: to learn all these.

On this cat, I change all radio, bezel, and screen. I change the cluster insurance. And so many things.

I didn’t take my car to just a Ford only, I saw many stores that were specific for the radio, and again they told me the same thing, and one store where he saw I had a lot of codes he looked like gave up. Anyway, I did everything by myself.

Yes you will find the PIU has alot of small differences from a regular Explorer.

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Yes, I knew that, but I love it :grin:

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I have a question, what is the difference between Forscan 2.4.10 and Forscan 2.3.58 release? I believe the firmware is this? Do I’m correct?

Thats correct. 2.4 does Calibrations aka “Firmware”.

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OK do you mind, I have to stay here? I’m learning :blush:

I would highly discourage you from messing with Calibrations on Modules. You have nothing to gain by doing this. My recommendation is to not use 2.4 to do this.

Calibrations, if done wrong or just a chance, can and will brick your module and could leave you with a nonfunctioning vehicle.

Could you please explain more, about 2.4.10 beta Forscan do you mean?

I have explained all there is to know. It is for updating Calibrations and you don’t need to do this. You will find more information on this by talking with the Forscan people or their Forum.

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Ok, I got it, I don’t have any plan to do Firmware, because I don’t know how.

Ok, now different topic, something I didn’t do on Forscan Configuration and I can’t remember what it was that’s, and it makes me have a problem with the air vents, whether it’s cold or hot the air vents stop after about 15 minutes.
I checked the fuse, and I changed the door actuator so that it was down on the glove box.
Please I need your help because our weather is so hard.

I have, Ford Explorer 2015 police Interceptor utility, VIN 1FM5K8AR1FG820543
I changed on this car
Sync1 to Sync3. After I did update from SYNC 3, Software Version: 3.0 Build 18093 to SYNC 3, Software Version: 3.4
Build 23188

I changed the instrument cluster
Thank you for your help.