Sync3 Update procedure - Engine Off

Good morning everyone,
I ask for information on what is the correct procedure to update the sync 3 (Firmware or Maps) with the engine off and the charge maintainer inserted.
Mine is a native Sync 3.4 (APIM MY20) on Fiesta ST MK8 (push button ignition).
So i ask if anyone can explain the step by step way, starting from charge maintainer on, engine off, doors closed and locks on, even for map updates (120 min+).

How to install SYNC updates to your vehicle (

The linked instructions speaks of ENGINE ON;
My question is if its possible update it with the ENGINE OFF and the charge maintainer connected.
If yes:
What is the step-by-step way to prevent SYNC3 from turning off after 60 minutes?
So, starting way: ENGINE OFF, Maintainer connected, doors closed and locks on…

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Once you shut the doors and lock the car then SYNC wll shut down. Its a simple procedure to update, why try to vary it?

My question is if I can update (maps that lasts 90/120 min) with the engine off.
i cant do reformat.
if yes, what is the right procedure after attaching the charge maintainer to the battery?
If I open the door, ignition off, SYNC turns on.
Does it stay on for the entire update without shutting down?

The APIM turns on and shows the welcome screen and it will always turn off unless you put the key in and turn it to on. Your car won’t turn off in that state unless your battery starts running low or you have the battery saver option turned on. You need to read your owners manual if you have questions about this.

Don’t worry Ford knows how long these installs take.

In the IPC menu there should be an AEIS shutdown menu that will allow you to turn off the engine shutdown (and vehicle shutdown) for updates.

I found the related entry in the APIM module and the maximum time allowed is 60 minutes

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