SYNC3Updater crashing on windows 10

I have installed the updater on my windows 10 laptop. For some inexplicable reason the program crashes every time I start the download process. Cant even post a log because it crashes before it even starts. Just wondering if anyone has any idea whats going on?

Try running it as admin (right click → run as admin), and disable antivirus program that may be running.

You can also try booting windows in safe mode with internet…

Please check windows event viewer for further information.

The problem is the same. I finished the next file and crashed during verification.

As has been mentioned usually this is caused by your security software.

Thanks for the response’s guys. Still struggling with this. It seems to be a problem with the ROW map! files because I’ve tried with the others and they work just fine. Iv had a look at the Windows event viewer and two errors show up. Is there a place I can post the log?

Interesting, i will do some testing

Just post it here, upload it as attachment or something

I am having same issue with updater crashing on Windows 10. I’ve turned off virus protection, run as administrator and tried on two PCs. Also tried version with same results.

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