"System Off to Save Battery" appears while driving after 3.4 upgrade

Hey guys, I’m replying to this topic because it’s recent but if needed to move to new thread please do, first time driving since fixing everything and updating back to 3.4 but the newest version this time. I was on 21194? I think that’s the version I was on but, I am getting an issue with a message that comes on and the screen shuts off, while driving and I have to hit the start button twice to “turn off and turn on” the truck, even tho it’s already on the APIM doesn’t recognize it. I’ve done a master reset and I have no DTCs. Anyone seen this message and have this issue before?

If I let it run it’s course it just stays off until I hit the start button to turn off then on

Are you saying this comes up while the vehicle is started and you are driving? It should not be happening in this case. It should only appear when the vehicle is off and the 12v battery is getting low. Mind you the engine actually has to be running and not in ‘accessory’ mode (ie: Press the start button without the brake) or this will come up still.

IF this is occurring with the engine running, there may be a few things to check:

  1. Check for any DTCs and clear them. See if the APIM reports anything about lost communication with the BCM or anything else if anything remains after clearing.
  2. Check if your charging system/alternator are functioning. You should be seeing no less than 13-14v while the vehicle is running.

This would be an odd one for sure if it is happening with the engine running.

As stated, yes the engine is running, I have no DTCs and yes the charging system is working, monitoring it via EZLynk. So I guess this is odd… I’m going to downgrade to 21194, I didn’t experience this on that build.

Did you disable BMS?

I’m not sure what BMS is but I downgraded to 21194 and did not have the issue during the second drive

BMS is the Battery Management System. This can be reset/refreshed and will usually solve this problem.

I’ve separated these into a new thread.

Your upgrade to 3.4 was quite painful because of a fuse, and I believe you modified some stuff.
Try reverting them back if that’s the case, also check BMS.

I think there’s a procedure to reset BMS.

You can do this in FORScan…

So after a few days, I’m still having the issue with the message appearing. I’ve reset everything I can think of, I checked my batteries both have 12.2 while off and are charging when system is on. Sometimes the system will display the message and shut off and stay off, other times it will turn back on by itself. All while I’m driving the truck. Any other ideas??

Side note, I don’t have BMS as an option in forscan, I have BECM which is the “battery energy control module” which I did a reset and still am getting the message while driving

It’ll be part of the BCM. Looks there and there should be a Service Procedure to reset the battery monitoring.

I did reset the BECM via forscan. But I still get the message while driving

If you are willing to rule things out, downgrade to 3.3 and see how it goes… If it works ok, jump back to a different 3.4 than the one you have now.

Since only APPS are installed, should be quite a fast and autoinstall procedure.

I’m suggesting starting with 3.3 since it’s the closest in functionality to what you previously had.

Yeah I’ll give that a shot. Downgrade to 3.3. I was running 3.4.21194 for almost a month without seeing this issue. It wasn’t til I started diagnosing the seat issue and doing the upgrade and downgrades for that. I’m currently still on 21194. Could it be because I only installed “APPS” the most recent time, rather than a full install and something didn’t install correctly?

The BECM is the Battery Energy Control Module (BECM) BECM 7E7. The BECM is the HEV controller, separating the battery and some other electrical monitoring out of the BCM for EV. I have not seen an asbuilt for this module.

You could turn off Deep Sleep in the APIM.
7D0-02-02 xxxx Xxxx xxxx
Deep Sleep (DS), Revel Sound System (Lincoln) (RSS) / B&O Sound System (Ford) (B&O), PDC Architecture (CGEA 1.3 / CIMCA), TCU
0=DS Off, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Not Present
1=DS Off, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Present
2=DS Off, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Not Present
3=DS Off, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Present
4=DS Off, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Not Present
5=DS Off, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Present
6=DS Off, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Not Present
7=DS Off, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Present
8=DS On, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Not Present
9=DS On, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Present
A=DS On, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Not Present
B=DS On, RSS/B&O Not Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Present
C=DS On, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Not Present
D=DS On, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CGEA 1.3, TCU Present
E=DS On, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Not Present
F=DS On, RSS/B&O Present, PDC CIMCA, TCU Present

If you have a ‘9’, then set to ‘1’.

If this does not affect the message, then you should downgrade to 3.3 and take it to the dealer. This is not a good thing to have happening while driving, even if it’s a bogus message. Or bad battery…

I can try turning deep sleep off. One thing to note is that I just took the truck to autozone to have them check to see if batteries were good and they said they were both “good” but only had a 45% charge. Keep in mind I drove the truck to the store and I watched the battery voltage get charged via forscan on my way there

Everything else in the truck works when this happens, it’s only the Radio screen that goes out

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That is the DS setting…and in this case it’s probably not lying.

If they are only charging to 45% (or charge very slowly and do not reach over 90% charge state) then you need to look at a few things:
How old are the batteries?
Which battery is used for what? One will be for ignition and running the truck, the other is for towing?
If you are charging both batteries simultaneously from the same source, has the BMS been adjusted for this?
Did this battery setup come from the factory OEM?
How often is the vehicle run?
Or how long does it sit?
How long is it run?
Batteries are AGM? Or regular SLA? (The truck should have come with AGM.)
Is BMS active? (If you have AGM batteries, you need BMS active.)
Are the batteries isolated?

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They didn’t do B&O in 2018, I have Sony. But couldn’t I also not modify the (as built) and just disable Deep Sleep from the list of changes under that module? There are two listings for a lot of the modules via forscan, one is the as built and the other is a list of changes you can make.


It’s the same listing really, but the easy version can make other changes you don’t want. I do not use that. To be safe, use the ASBUILT Configuration one, and make the settings based on the spreadsheet. Make sure you reboot the APIM after making settings, this is required.

I’m not sure how old the batteries are, yes the setup
Is oem, I’m not sure what the batteries are. I haven’t changed anything having to do with the electrical system on the truck. Diesels come with two batteries. Both of the batteries are showing they are charging (fluctuating between 13-15v) while driving. When the truck gets shut off it drops to about 11.something. I am going to go to a different shop to have them test the batteries as well and see what they say. I don’t mind changing the batteries but it won’t be cheap and I don’t want to risk fucking the new batteries up.

You have a bad battery (or it’s getting bad) if the voltage is dropping that far when you shut off the truck. You should maintain about +12.5 VDC when you shut down the truck and it will drop a little after that, but should not be under +11.8 to 11.6 VDC. It does not matter what you see on the charge status with a dual battery setup unless you isolate the batteries and test individually. I am familiar with this setup, it works well, but when it comes time for battery replacement, it can be expensive. It seems the charging system is functioning fine, as you are getting the message about low voltage (charge) and it showed charging, so likely ok. Just have them test the charge rate. If these are original batteries in a 2018 truck, they are due to be replaced.