TCU su kuga 2017 europa

Hi, I’m planning to add the TCU module to my 2017 Kuga, which originally doesn’t have it.
I’ve done some research, I think it’s doable.
I just have a few doubts to clear up.

  1. There is a difference between the American TCU and the European one.
    2)Originally having sync 3.0, updated with cyanL. to 3.4 build 23188, filmaware update 18.5.
    Which TCU series would I need?
  2. Series: JL3T…
    would be fine.
    I thank all of you

It is totally doable. Yes, there are big differences between the 2 TCU’s. Physically they are the same. Both are on different carriers and networks so that alone will not let them work outside their designated area. The EU version runs independent of a Cell phone for emergency calls and requires additional wiring. The US version uses the driver’s cell to call emergency services.

Thanks Futura, I had no doubts about your quick response,
“you’re great”.
So could you point me to a series
which could be right for me, how long
I understand I shouldn’t go beyond the “J” series right?
A thousand thanks

If you are not familiar with it, Mk3 Technical | Ford Kuga Owners Club Forums has a lot of info available on this.

Thanks for the tip, Big Boss

I looked on that forum, but nothing on TCU.
You who are a genius in these things, could you tell me which number. series I have to orient myself, the “K” series is the most available on ebay.
Which one do you recommend?
A thousand thanks.

You can purchase a J or K series TCU and downgrade the firmware to J series for your vehicle, but it must be an EU unit. The downgrade can be done with FORScan, but beware it takes about 1 hour. Invest in a good battery charger if you are going to do things with FORScan like firmware upgrades, etc. Don’t just get a maintainer, you need a true charger capable of at least 12-15 amps continuous.

You will need to upgrade the APIM firmware to MY18.5+ if it is not already.
APIM Firmware Production Releases - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community
It is best to go to at least 1U5T-14G374-EE with the TCU addition to support the feature sets with the J series TCU.

JL3T is a US (F-150) production TCU. This will not work in EU. In your case you will need to ensure the TCU indicates the region as Europe.
European TCU (TCU -E2)

Thank you very much F 150,
you are a mine of information, the MY18.5 calibration, we did it together a couple of years ago, it worked perfectly, I just have to make sure it is the U15T calibration…EE, thanks to you, also last month, together with Futura you helped me assemble the Dab, and it works great. Now I’m getting started on this other project. So I get the material, and then I update. Thank you so much for existing.

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Hi F 150, I purchased the TCU module: KT1T-14G087-EL. My calibration is: 1U5T-14G347-EL.
Do you think I should downgrade to the H series anyway…?
Thanks for your availability.

You need to downgrade to a J series firmware.

Thanks for your reply, I think the right files are:
(JL3T-14G141AA vbf). (J…139CR vbf)
(J…144CR vbf) in this order. Can you confirm this, if so, tell me where I can find these files.
A thousand thanks

Hi, I mounted the TCU. This is what FORScan reads. now I wonder: about this unit KT1T-14G087-EL. seeing the files, the background has already been done. How should I proceed. A help. Geaziah
![IMG_20240326_124924_666 -
![IMG_20240326_124802_347 -

Dear F150, I need your help. I will describe my work to you in general terms: I purchased the KT1T14G087EL Europea-E2 module on Ebay, I took the pins from the 54 pin plug behind the Snc3, pin 1(+); pin 37 (-) ; pin 19 canbus+; 20canbus (-). I took antenna on Ali. , and inserted into a purple plug. I flashed the J… files that you got me, it took about 2 hours and 40 minutes. Activate remote functions on modules: BdyCM; FCIM; IPC.
Now the first problem I have is that the nr. i series of the TCU, does not appear in the module inserted text. I reset the APIM module, but nothing.
Please help me.
I’ll attach photos to you.
A thousand thanks

Help me!!

F150 is traveling for work right now and will not be on much.

A thousand thanks,

I got stuck like this and I can’t continue: TCU KT1T-14G07-EL inserted, files JXT-14G141AA ;…139-CT loaded; …144-CT.
Changed options on APIM, but I can’t activate the module on ACM.
I attach photos.
Please I need help.
A thousand thanks

Hi, after loading the right files into the TCU, I managed to activate it, now TCU series number present on SYNC3, Fordpass app activated.
Now Forscan gives me two DTC u0100; u0140 loss of communication with these two modules, I tried to reset several times but nothing. Any suggestions?
A thousand thanks.

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