Text message says Unknown number on dash display

When I get text messages the right dash display says " Text from Unkown number: Listen or Cancel."
On the radio display, it shows the contact information and has the option to read the text.

SYNC Region: North America & Canada

Navigation Variant: Yes

Install Type: OEM Replacement

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.20204

New SYNC Version: 3.4.20220

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version:

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File


This is probably due to a firmware/software mismatch in the vehicle due to the Sync 3.4 upgrade from Sync 3.0. I have heard of this before, but have not heard of a solution.

What is the year and model of vehicle?

I have a 2016 Ford CMax. Ford replaced the APIM last year. I checked the firmware for the APIM and that is already updated to the latest version. I updated the ACM to the most recent firmware.

If Ford replaced the APIM with a new service replacement, be careful about reformatting. Some of the service replacements are the newer eMMC storage and can brick using reformat tools.

The issue will be with the IPC firmware and/or asbuilt settings. C-Max vehicles are C1CMA, which is still supported by the current APIM software, but with some limitations. Something to check in the IPC settings is the Root Menu Infotainment - Phone (RMIP) settings. Make sure these are enabled.

720-01-04 x*xx
Root Menu Infotainment - RMI Emotive (RMIE), RMI Entertainment (RMIE), RMI Navigation (RMIN), RMI Phone (RMIP)

IPC C-Platform (2012-2019) Database - CyanLabs

Also, there is a user here, @Vchat20, that also has a C-Max that is very knowledgable. He might be able to chime in on this…

So for
720-01-04 it says AFDB
According to the database it is disabled.
There is also an available firmware update.

Can’t say I’ve ran into this before on my C-Max at least with text messages. That said I don’t really get many these days especially while driving. THOUGH I’ve had some oddities with calls that was down to specific apps more than anything (Wyze putting the phone into an active phone call status when viewing a camera feed). I’ll have to see if I can do some test messages here.

Any correlations when this happens like a specific sender or message content maybe? Just spitballing…

I can post my IPC and APIM AsBuilt’s if needed, though my C-Max is a 2013 and the IPC’s did change in later model years so not sure how much that would impact things.

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that would be great if you could post your IPC. thanks

Thanks @Vchat20. Appreciate the help…

Here’s my AsBuilt’s for comparison.

APIM_20220927_212459.abt (495 Bytes)
IPC_20220927_212439.abt (86 Bytes)

I did do a brief test though sending a message from my Google Voice number which is set up as a named contact in my phone and also got the Name Not Available display on the IPC while the contact name showed correctly on the APIM. In the same sitting I tested with a shortcode number that is not saved in my contacts and it showed the same, not even the number displayed on the IPC. Also seemed like it was very hit or miss if it displayed at all on the IPC. I probably sent about a dozen or two messages and the APIM always alerted but maybe 1 of every 4 attempts popped up on the IPC with no rhyme or reason (I tried deleting the message/recipient entirely from my phone between attempts and making sure I wasn’t in the messaging app).

So maybe it is something that has existed and I haven’t noticed? At least for me I don’t receive text messages often enough in the car to really pay close attention. And if I do, it’s usually with AA active. I did -NOT- test with AA this go-round but I’m guessing that the functionality shouldn’t be much different since the phone side is still going through the Bluetooth stack in Sync with Android devices.

As an FYI: The phone I’m using is a Pixel 4a fully updated to Android 13.

It wasn’t an issue 2 versions ago. I am thinking about downgrading to see if the issue still happens.
Do you have the latest firmware on both?

Which version are you referring to?

The IPC I’m pretty sure is not fully up to date. The C-Max apparently has some issues flashing IPC’s with Forscan so it is something I’ve avoided. So short of my dealer doing anything with it (last time they would have had a legit reason to update modules was May 2017 when I had my original Sync 2 APIM replaced).

The APIM I have is an H model and I’ve tried updating it. I think the latest I’ve been able to get it to is the -DA level calibration. I have yet to be successful getting anything newer loaded without it black-screening/soft-bricking on me.

before I updated to 3.4.22110, the name appeared on the driver’s dash. I might downgrade to 3.4.21265 and see if it works.

I tried asking Ford to update the Firmware for the IPC, but they don’t know what I am talking about. They think that I mean the Sync software.

If 21265 was your previous build, I would recommend going back to that build to see if your issue is solved. 21265 is known for being the most stable build.
Besides, going back is quite easy if you keep maps and other stuff alone.

Intresting update. So I downgraded to 21265 and the driver side dash no longer shows when I get a text message. I tried different setting and it won’t show up now. I upgraded back to 22110 and same thing that screen no longer tell me when I get a text message.

It may be intermittent. That was the situation I ran into with my tests above at least on the latest 22200 build. Seemed messages only popped up on the IPC every once in a while. Maybe get a good number of messages going and see if they eventually come through.

If that ends up being the case for you too, that’s about the best I can comment on it. Other than @SaNdMaN’s suggestion to downgrade to 21265 to test, I wouldn’t even know where to start rolling back to in order to troubleshoot this further.

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If we are suspecting this issue started with 3.4.xxxx., going back to 3.3.xxxxx would also be a super valid test, since 3.3 is closer to 3.0 in both UI feel and functionallity.

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