Theme Ford Focus Sync

Anyone knows how to change the theme on Sync 3, default its with blue, but i like to put black or other color

You can’t, well except for changing it to the lincoln theme.

any custom code requires modification via hardware or via a private jailbreak that only a few people in the world know (not CyanLabs)

Mediante forscan? O algun otro tipo de software

Not sure what you mean, you can change to the lincoln theme via ForScan, custom themes require modification via disassembly of the APIM

Also please use english on these forums.

Its like in the buttons in your screen like climate, audio, navigation they are in colour blue, and i see people who change it to black

Like i said multiple times you can change it to the lincoln theme that is all. any other modification requires hardware flashing. the black theme was night mode on 3.3 and below, it no longer exists.