Track Apps and Track mode disappear after installing cyanlabs 3.4

Hi guys,

I just want to know, why i have lost Tracking apps and Tracking mode when I installed 3.4 22048 using cyanlabs.

I tried reformatting and installing it again but these modes has disappeared completely.

Is this normal and is there a way to bring back the original software which has the track mode and apps.

I have a North American specs 2017 mustang ecoboost.
Sync serial number is: WW1R6WGX.


Have you master reset?
What’s track mode and apps?

The software you installed is Ford’s, Cyanlabs is just a facilitator.

Given that you didn’t say from which version you upgraded, I can’t answer.

I have upgraded multiple times starting from 3.0 until 3.4. Im not sure exactly which build I installed first but i lost it from the first upgrade.

Above are the track apps and mode which i can’t find anymore.

Have you master reset?

Assuming your original version was 3.0.xxxx then the answer is no, you can’t go back to 3.0 as stated in the instructions.

About those features seem to be very specific to your car model, so lets wait what other has to say about those. I do not remember reading other users with your issues.

Sync has nothing to do with that, it’s in the IPC. There is no relationship .

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