Trying to submit a SYNC ticket but I get an OOPS! That page doesn't exist message

rying to submit a SYNC ticket but I get an OOPS! That page doesn’t exist message.

Can you share some screenshots or something? not sure where you are on about.

Using this function: New SYNC 3 Issue - CyanLabs
I complete the form, Submit button is live (i.e. no errors), then after I press Submit, I get this message: "

I can’t replicate it on my end.

Please provide a screenshot showing what you are filling in to the form, I’m assuming it must be not liking something, so a screenshot of all the information you fill in would be appreciated

Thanks, nothing seems out of the ordinary here, strange :thinking:

So there’s nothing you can do about that error, but since you now have my SYNC 3 Updater failure details, and I can’t submit the ticket the usual way, could you have a look at it please?

Can you try one last thing?.
Since you are using Chrome, start it without extensions.
In order to do that, edit the shortcut and add


at the end.


Then, close all the chrome windows you may have open and start again.
It should start without any extensions.

Remember to re-enable the extensions by removing what you added.

For your SYNC issue please continue here

Also please provide the log file, without this we have no idea what you are doing, you can copy and paste the contents or upload the txt file

For the issue with actually raising it, please try another browser to rule out any weirdness in your browser.

Can you try and submit any random data via the form once again New SYNC 3 Issue - CyanLabs

I’ve enabled some logging my end.

What is ‘random data’?

Sorry, I don’t understand how to start Chrome without any extensions.

Use either method →

It worked using Edge: ERR04 continues after downgrading to the recommended version to cure the error - Ford / SYNC 3 Support - CyanLabs Official Community

The issue is with your browser then, we can’t replicate it, likely some chrome extension or cache issue.

Either way we can’t assist further as we can’t replicate it.

That’s OK. I have successfully lodged a ticket where one should be lodged using Edge. Thanks for your help.