UK user here... Updating from Sync v3.0 to 3.4 (Focus ST3 2018)- several questions, maps, climate, auto dimming of screen flicker, & APIM

Hey from the Uk here :slight_smile:

This site is doing the rounds on many Ford Focus enthusiast pages… but several questions that I cannot find answers from officially.

  1. I am just using Syn3 Updater to produce the USB stick, have selected EU config etc. I already have Maps V9 but from the looks of it if I don’t select maps it wipes everything off and there will be none so I am selecting the latest maps within Syn3, firstly is that correct?

  2. Is it recommended to update the APIM, other than the radio icons and calm screen does it add anything else?

  3. Climate, other people in the UK that have performed the update have ended up with climate control that controls the wrong side, e.g drivers side will control passenger side etc. Some have said it is because this is setup for LHS cars and will not work on RHS drive? Can anyone verify if the updates will fix this? By standard normal sync 3 below 3.4 does not have climate enabled on the sync screen.

  4. Finally, does the update fix the horrible auto-dimming of the sync screen to lighting conditions, the screen at 3.0 and below has an awful flicker almost strobe-like effect when it is adjusting to different lighting conditions. Is this something that the APIM update fixes?

Thank you for any help.

Hello fellow UK user.

  1. Set it to “Keep Maps”

  2. Honestly it’s not really needed, you might not even need it for logos on 20196

  3. As far as i and many others know it’s impossible to have this the right way on the Focus in the UK, ford were lazy and just disabled it instead, you may have it appear but it will be backwards, can be turned off again in forscan.

  4. Interesting i haven’t seen any one report that issue on 3.0 or below, not sure.

Thank you, my responses:

  1. So if I set it to keep current maps version (ford sync website says I am up to date) but you have two F9 maps versions one for September. I last updated maps back in August to F9. How do I know that your version isn’t more up to date? I imagine the update will be quicker if it is not updating maps as well?

  2. Ok, I don’t want to risk bricking it.

  3. One person has posted that his climate works as expected, his is a 66 plate. If I need to turn it off in forscan how do I do that? What do I need to change? I can never get into BCMii Central configuration module as apparently the later (newer) versions ford changed the firmware or code. I want to turn on autolocking at speed as well… any idea?

  4. Yes, it’s a known issue the backlight flickers when it is dimming up and down automatically, it is distracting.

Yes, Ford probably don’t have the newer F9 on their website yet. it will be way quicker without updating maps

1 or 2 people have posted it working but when i have asked for proof they haven’t provided any nor have they confirmed any of their AsBuilt. through the entire SYNC scene it’s known that this isn’t possible, happy to be proved wrong.
Edit APIM AsBuilt in forscan :slight_smile:

Known issue on 3.2+, never had any one report the issue on 3.0

This is my current info… so would you recommend updating to the latest maps you have put on? I already have Sync 3.0 and F9 maps so I guess my APIM is already up to date? Also do you know how to turn on auto locking at speed?

Sync 3.0 is not the latest, sync 3.0 maps are not compatible with Sync 3.4, you will have do a complete reformat to go to Sync 3.4, select the latest maps in the app and create the USB

Yes I have done that, I will run the update later. Any idea on what I need to edit in the APIM to turn the climate bit off?

Search for climate (CTRL + F)

Will this update which is currently running affect the sound quality? I have the sony upgrade to 10 speakers with sub in the spare wheel area. I dont want to forgo any sound quality etc

No. This will not affect sound quality.

Thank you

Loving the update excellent work put in by the team.

Was really easy to do as well I like the calm screen. Only thing I’m noticing is that I get a ford logo at shut down now instead of the ST logo which only comes on at boot up.

Any ideas?

You can change that using Forscan.

I can’t find any option for it

For Sync 3.4 the default theme is no longer Ford Timeless, it’s now Ford Classic.

Use Forscan to change the AsBuilt value in the line 7D0-03-01 xxxx xXxx xxcc

1=Ford Timeless (Ford Logo Shutdown Screen)
0=Ford Classic (ST Ford Performance Shutdown Screen)

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Actually, the default themes for 3.4 are Ford MY20 and Lincoln MY20, as the old themes have been deprecated but still exist in the software. Inserting the value 00 at 7D0-03-01: ####-XX##-#### is effectively using Ford Classic, but in 3.4 and up it sets either Classic or Ford MY20 depending on the boot screen variant chosen. This is the logic from the program file:
“Maps to ENUM_GblVehicleBrand_Ford, ENUM_GblFordMY20, ENUM_GblAnimationThemeST”

See the As Built Database on this site:

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Try APIM Module Configuration, press play choose splash sceen and change to ST.
That’s the way i did mine.

Yes it’s already set to this one.

I think @colinmcg71 said “Ford Classic” because thats what ForScan shows it as, its the same value as the new “Ford MY20”

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I get it on start up but at shut down it’s ford. Not so much of an issue.

For some reason as well the calm screen when activated only works at the initial time at the next car start it has gone and not available any more but still shows enabled in APIM.

You need to update your firmware for Calm Screen to stay enabled

You need to change the theme on ForScan as mentioned to get shutdown and startup working.

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