Uninstall cyanlab

What is the process of uninstalling cyanlab software to return to the original Ford sync?

If you were on 3.0 or below you can’t!

It was on 2.2 originally
I downloaded the latest sync 3.4 today and an error code came up about 22 minutes in
I then tried to re download the files again and it got to the 4th of last download and it crashed
The ranger screen is currently telling me to insert usb with the flashing mustang pictures on
Really concerned as don’t want to damage anything as it’s on a friends truck

Recreate the usb with correct region, correct nav/non nav on a new usb. You cannot go back, this is made very clear if you read it properly.

If it generates an error, picture it and post it up. You haven’t permanently broken it, but be careful and read the instructions carefully next time.

So looking at your other topic, you’ve used a half finished unverified usb and rushed it. Create a new usb using a fresh stick and run the process again.

Im all new to this
I updated my own ranger yesterday and it worked perfectly fine but when I’ve gone to update this ranger it hasn’t worked as well as it did yesterday that’s all
Is the best solution to this problem to completely wipe the usb and download the file again?

Read what I said, use a fresh stick and create a new one using the app. It’ll be fine, just don’t panic and take your time.

I’ll buy a fresh stick tomorrow and give it another try
Any other tips going forward to make sure I can get it done correctly?

Read the instructions, follow the instructions, screenshot every error.

It is also worth noting that this isn’t “CyanLabs software”. Everything you install on your SYNC unit including 3.4 builds come directly from Ford. So your original software and the one you update to are all from Ford. The only thing the CyanLabs updater app does is help facilitate the install process.


further to this it’s worth noting that not only do i facilitate installing but also get the newer sync versions before ford has (if ever) officially rolled out to cars.

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I’ve watched 2 videos showing me how to download the software
1 says use autodetect the other is telling me to use reformat
Which one should I be using on on sync 2.2 2017 car

Use auto detection. It’s the safest for you.
Read carefully

Everything is very well described here. Check what the screen in your car looked like according to the tutorial.

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Maybe follow our official guides for the most accurate information rather than 3rd party YouTube videos.


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All sorted fresh stick worked
Everything is working as it should thanks for the support and help from the team


Great!, we are glad it worked.
I’m closing this thread since it’s now solved.