Update 3.4 20196 to the latest version

Hi there. I would like to update my Non Navi Sync 3.4 20196 to the latest version through reformat. As I know, on my current build reformat is banned. So firstly I need to downgrade my version and after to update to the latest one, right? Also, previously, before I used Sync3Updater tool, to update through the reformat Sync, I’ve used 2 USB, the first - for starting to reformat and the second for flashing the new updates. This tool is doing the same but with one flash driver (reformat + update)? And I want to flash EU version of the update, but my Sync for US region, would be everything fine if I change the region to EU in Forscan for APIM module and after will download and update to EU version?
Fusion 17.

Non nav you can just upgrade as normal :slight_smile: make sure install mode is autodetect and your current sync version etc are correct :slight_smile:

I know, that I can upgrade non nav as normal, but want to reformat, cuz my sync sometimes “lagging”.

Then yes you will need to downgrade and reformat, 1 usb is all that is needed for every method now :slight_smile:

Thank you. And what about EU version on US Sync? Will be fine if I change the region in Forscan to EU before I flash?

Cyanlabs does not support changing region, you are on your own for that, in theory yes for a non nav unit it should be that simple.

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