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Hello community,
Currently on my sync
Installed version 3.4.22110 and map F11.
Should I still successively the versions 3.4.22200 and then
Install 3.4.22251 and only then the current version 3.4.23088?
Or can I install the new version 3.4.23088 on my existing version 3.4.22110?
Many thanks for your effort

I went from 3.0.20204 to 3.4.22251 some weeks back and then from 3.4.22251 to 3.4.23088 with current maps when that version recently became available without issues recently so you should be ok going directly from your current version to 3.4.23088.
Just do not forget to do a sync master reset immediately after the upload.
Please keep us updated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why is that?
Can someone please explain this to me?
I’ve never done that after the previous sync updates.

Thank you for your understanding


As soon as the update is complete and you remove the USB stick wait until the system boots up and them go to ‘settings > general > master reset’ and wait til it resets and you can then resync your phone etc. and turn automatic updates off if they are enabled.
This is just to get any bugs out of the system as in some cases some features may not work properly unless this is done.

:: Thank you, wiz43 for the great explanation and your help
Another question:
If I deactivate the automatic sync updates before the update, do I also have to carry out the master reset?


Yes…the master reset is not done because of the auto wifi updates and wifi connection but turning them off later is just an additional precaution.
Suggest you do the master reset after the new upload first and then check that sync auto wifi updates and wifi are disabled.
Please keep us up to date with (hopefully) the success of your update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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