"Update completed, remove USB..." Message, then black screen. No life

I tried updating my 2016 Ford Escape over the weekend via the manual method and now I am in a similar situation. Everything looked good to start. Screen mentioned the updated in progress, then the screen went black and I am living a life of regret. I understand that I’m screwed at this point. I recently acquired this vehicle from family and found out after talking about what I’ve done that they recently had service done on the vehicle and I found a receipt saying the apim was replaced, no idea what version. Any suggestions at this point or do I just give in an go back to a dealer?
I’m not trying to make excuses or blame anyone. I messed up. Just looking for next steps to fix things. Can I just replace the apim? Any hints, suggestions, or videos on replacing the apim in a 2016 Ford Escape. Would love any helpful information.

This is why the recommendation is to run the interrogator first, Ford parts ships a replacement APIM based on the VIN and loads whatever version of Sync is on the car according to their records. The fact that it has 3.0.x on it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a MY2020 hardware APIM.
Your best bet here is hope that the work was in the last 24 months\24k miles as that is the Ford parts warranty.
If you go to the dealer, don’t even mention doing anything other than an update downloaded directly from Ford.

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That’s what you get when you don’t read the extensive documentation. Yet another victim.

You already get the idea, but next time research BEFORE things go south…
Just answering to Syn3updater’s question that you were unsure about the car’s background would had almost surely prevented this…

Plus, you are asking for options when options are literally a couple of messages before your question…
Your best case scenario would be to have a MY20 screen on a non-MY20 APIM, so connecting a NOT-MY20 screen would resolve the issue… You won’t know until you get the unit unmounted or serviced…


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