Update error PKG_ERROR04

Hello guys, i just updated with official upload from Ford, then I realised that upgrade is only for software not for maps.
Now I have my system updated to 3.4 (20136) but old F8 maps.
So I tried the CYANLABS updater with EU region, maps, 20136 version and F9 maps… total 28Gb
When I plug the pendrive an PKG_ERROR04 appears and stop all the progress upgrade… what can I do?

Any other option to install only the updated F9 maps?


You need to use the downgrade option on the app, select “Sync 3.4.19274+” as your version and say YES to the confirmation.

once downgraded you can then install 20136 which is the same as the released version

thank for for your quick reply!

downgrade with or without maps?

i suppose to downgrade with only software and upgrade again with the whole packet soft+maps… right?

thank you

When you select the downgrade option it should automatically select all the correct options for you, but yes the downgrade does not include a maps package. It should be a small ~800 MB package. When you insert the USB it should say “Installing software update” at the top, after a few minutes reboot, and you should be on 19101 (verify in settings). Then you can use the downloader to download the full 3.4.20136 with the latest maps.

No need to reboot, it will automatically reboot once it tells you “install successful” after approximately ~7 minutes


Yeah, I should’ve been a bit more clear. The system will reboot on its own


latest software and F9 maps

thank you for your help